How to Upload Videos (easy way)

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How to "Upload"
Your Islam Videos

Videos for TubeIslam - Social Networks - Websites - Forums

Now it is EZ with these simple steps and links - (read, save, share and link to this page - tell everyone)


How do I embed videos on a blog, forum or website?



Videos can be somewhat large, depending on how they are compressed and how long they are. The longer of a video it is, naturally the larger the file size will be. Also different formats require different players for end-users.

The best video format we have found is Quicktime and Flash Video (.flv) because of wide use of Quicktime and Flash plugins among both Mac and PC users. Those two video formats also offer a good balance between file size and video quality.

Ready to "embed" a video?
First go to (FREE - no charges!)
Then choose the video you want (click it)
Look for the "embed" text in a box
Copy it (right-click copy)
Now go the the HTML text of the page you are working on.
Place the "embed" where you want it - proceeded by this symbol:

Then paste the text of the embed after this symbol
Then type this close symbol


That's it.

Here is a link for more - 

Here is a list of video editing software you can use to make your videos:

And here is an excellent website that auto-creates the necessary HTML code for embedding videos on your website: (for server type, choose "A Web server"). Please note that you must first upload your video to your website before using creating the embedding code.

You can also simply upload the video to your website and hardlink a hyperlink to the video file.

The most important thing to remember is that videos use diskspace and data transfer resources, so choosing the right video format and size will be a balance between video quality and file size.

You should use either our ISLAMDOMAINS hosting package or a larger package to properly host videos on your website.


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JazakAllah khayr. would be cool if somebody knows a way on how to send large files through the Iphone or Android from Whatsapp etc. i still dont get it

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