Islamic Marriage

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About Islamic Marriage

Why is Muslim Marriage Best?

A marriage based on the Directions of the Creator and Sustainer of human beings is the very best of relationships between a man and a woman.

This is in fact, the very foundation of family life and at the same time, the foundation of a great and wonderful society. This is of course, based upon coming together upon mutual acceptance with the desire to build a future family and kinship together, both in love and understanding of each others needs.

These principles are also the foundation for a great society for the entire world.

Islam is all about rights - and at the same time, limits. Allah has provided clear direction for both the bride and groom, offering them the best of choices in building their future lives together in love and harmony for Allah and love and harmony for each other.

There is no proper relationship in Islam without respect, honor and dignity. So we find these qualities to be at the base of the life for any believer and how much more so when it comes to the union of two souls uniting together to form one family for the sake of Allah.

Responsibilities and duties are encombant on both men and women in marriage, and these are spelled out according to the design Allah has created within them both. Naturally, there is to be love, consideration, tolerance and respect. But Islam is offering so much more than what any man could come up with on his own.

Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of humans since the time of Adam. When two people put their trust in Him and sincere desire for guidance  in building a family together, they will find the best of choices offered for building a beautiful future together both in love for each other, and love for Almighty Allah.

This is the criteria necessary to provide the natural and correct framework for balance and harmony in family life and fulfillment of both partners.

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This is great. I am already married but I wish we had this so many years ago. You know?

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