"Yusuf Estes in Jersey City, NJ Mosque Fundraise" for Burned Mosque Badr School Jersey City, NJ April 26, 2014 TODAY

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RE-Building For the Future
mosque burned fundraise 01

Help Us - Help Muslims to
Rebuild for Better Islam in US

Amosque burned fundraise 01s you know, our masjid in Jersey City was burned to the ground last month. Now it is time to put the past behind us and begin to rebuild for a better future for all of us in our community here in US.

Let's put our hands together to help our brothers and sisters and their children to have a place to worship and build oursleves inside and out for a better representation of true Islam in our society, inshallah.

mosque burned fundraise 02By the way, many convert to Islam, after Yusuf Estes lecture in front of many non-Muslims. All around the world people are learning and sharing the true message of real Islam in SIMPLE ENGLISH.

One man started a new page in his life as of safety officer of a local real estate firm.

Another on used to be a big enemy to Islam in Holland.

A woman came to Islam after 20 years married to a Muslim - but he couldn't get her to be Muslim.

Two young ladies entered into Islam in last week's tour.

More than 22 did their shahadah (oath of Islam) last weekend!

So what are you waitinmosque burned fundraise 05g for?

Just like last time, thousands thronged to Yusuf Estes’ lecture about Islam in today's world.
Inspired by Sheikh Yusuf Estes, he said the Shahada (the declaration of faith for Islam).

There is violence, evil, killing, lies, sex, drugs, gambling and alcohol everyhere and the entire world is at war" said Yusuf Estes, ".. and Jesus is going to lead the believers to victory and restore true peace on earth.
Tranquility and calmness beyond our imagination. So peaceful, a lamb shall lay down with a lion.
Jesus' miracle birth was not biggest miracle..
Don't forget about Adam. How was he created? No father (like Jesus), no mother (like Eve) - Adam had neither mother or father - no parents at all.
Jesus performed many miracles, curing people, giving sight to the blind and even bringing a dead man back to life. This was all from Almighty God. But the purpose behind all of this was not to do parlor magic or play tricks on people. The idea is to prove his credibility and proof - that he was a real messenger of Almighty God (Allah).

We Muslims believe in these facts, however we believe that all of this was by Allah

Sheik Estes said that, “Allah” is the same word used by Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs in their Holy Books, centuries before Islam came. "It is on page one of Genesis in the Old Testament, the word “Allah” is repeated 17 times."

He rebuffed at the claims of Islam being spread by the sword by quoting from the source *(Quran),
“Islam never preaches spreading the message of peace with a sword - NEVER!"
In fact there is no word for "sword" anywhere in the Quran -
BUT you can find it more than 200 times in the Bible.”

Director and founder of Bridge to Faith in USA Yusuf Estes delivering a lecture entitled “Return of Jesus” at FANAR on his last visit here, talked about an extraordinary peace for which the war-torn world longs today will come one day when Jesus or Prophet Isaa (peace be upon him) returns.

Last stop on tour will be in Doha, Qatar (check the schedule): www.IslamEvents.com/yusuf
Yusuf Estes Gives Shahadahs in Qatar [click here]

More? www.IslamEvents.com/yusuf (schedule)

Check Out This Video -
It Helped Many Come to Islam:
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#3 Abdul kadir 2014-04-07 02:13
Could anyone please tell me which place he is going to give lecture in DAMMAM. Am staying in DAMMAM only if any one share me the address i may have chance to meet him in shaa Allah.
#2 sk 2013-06-30 04:31
hope the new brother is happy with his decision to convert & a decision he will keep for the rest of his life.
did he get a better translation of the quran. clearing up confusion can do much good.
hope estes mentioned shareislam website at his lecture. should also try and hand out goodies at these lectures like shareislam pens & keychains.
#1 ibrahim 2011-05-08 11:36
BismillahirRahm anirRahim, asSalam Alaykum WR WB. May Allah make us like the Muhajirun and the Ansari, and guide us along with "His" slaves, ameen.

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