Haram? Halal? What Are the Limits in Islam?

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Rights & Limits
For Muslims in Islam
ISLAM NEWSROOM REPORT: "Halam & Haram ~ The Rights & Limits"
  • Can a woman travel by herself?
  • Can a man shave his beard? 
  • Do women have to cover?
  • Is there a rule against movies?
  • What about music?
  • Is it OK to borrow money at the bank?
  • How do I buy a house or car without riba (interest)?
  • What are the limits of Islam and how do we understand them?
Islam's rules are based on two balanced concepts: Rights & Limits
The Haram and the Halal are vital to understanding these rights and limits. Consider the two following statements to grasp a better understanding of what Islam is offering for those who desire to live their lives according to the commandments of Allah:
1. When it comes to the matters of the material life in this world (hiyat dunyah), everything is permitted except what is clearly forbidden.
2. When it comes to the matters of worship (ibadah), everything is forbidden except what is clearly allowed.
Simple put, if you don't find an evidence for something to be forbidden in your daily life, then most likely it is not forbidden. However in the case of worship, if you are unable to find evidence for the practice of some type of worship, then it is most likely forbidden.
Many questions deal with entertainment, clothing, money and related issues. The answer often depends on the society and environment where you live. For instance, some things are halal (permissible) for the Muslims born and raised in New York City that would be considered totally haram (forbidden) in Afghanistan or Yemen.
The best thing to do is talk with the imams in the area where you reside and find out what is acceptable and what are the limits in that culture.
A general rule as far as Shari'ah is concerned, for occasional entertainment is not forbidden (but it must be defined according to clear understanding of what is acceptable behavior and permissable in Islam. 
The important thing is to always bear in mind not to go out of our "protection zone" as Muslims.
The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, told us about a "hima" or private zone of Allah. He warned us not to stay into the "hima of Allah". Every king has an area of protected pasture for his animals and you must stay out of it. That "hima" or protected zone with Allah is the "Halal & Haram" (Permissible and Forbidden). Stay out of this area.
Be sure to ask your local scholar who has background and experience in the "Shar'iah & Fiqh" for better understandings.


#1 Lutful Hasan 2011-02-11 16:26
Nice to know this. But I am confused about things halal for New Yorkers haram for Afghanis. Can you please give some examples? Jazakallah

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