Quran 'Miracle 19' is A Lie?

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There's NO 'Miracle 19' in Quran?
what about other 'lies' sent out in emails?

Scholars we asked about this all confirmed to us:

"There is nothing in teachings of Rashid Khalifa that should be considered authentic"

Read . .

Bismillah Rahman Raheem

Salam Alaykum wa Rahmatuallah:
Someone wrote to us concerning the book of the people known as "Submitters Interenational", a modern religion developed by Rashid Khaleefah from Egypt over 3 decades ago.

Incidentally, this man could not prove his theory of "Miracle of 19 in Quran" with the Quran as it existed, so he just threw away the last two verses of chapter nine, surah At-Taubah (verses 128 and 129) to make it come out right for him. But that was really dumb.

It is our duty and priviledge to present the truth and proof about Islam and what it represents. We desire to clear up misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islam to help others see the true message that came with all of the prophets from Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them all. The message is Laa elaha illa lah (none has the right to be worshipped except Allah).

Here is what we learned from scholars:

Questions About the "19 Miracle"

1. Can the Qur'an be corrupted? (no)

2. Has it been corrupted before? (no)

3. Is Allah going to protect Quran until the sun rises from the place where it sets? (yes)

So, how do you explain - - -

A. Rashid's translation is the only one to include his own name within the Qur'an itself, at least 8 times, whereas no other translation in the entire history of Islam, makes even a hint let alone a mention of anyone (even a messenger) to come after Muhammad?

B. Why don't other Qur'an's, including the Arabic, not include Rashid in them?

C. Why are there 2 more verses in all the other translations - but Rashid cut them out (in Surah At Taubah, 9:128 & 129)?

Here are their conclusions:

1. Khalifa's translation is an innovation of the Qur'an and of Islam. This was warned about in the hadith. He added his own name in there (in brackets) for his own gain; changing the implied meaning of the Qur'an.

2. This means that the Qur'an was not corrupted; only Khalifa's translation is wrong. The Qur'an's claims of incorruptibility stand, and Khalifa and his innovative translation must be rejected.

3. Rashid Khalifa "corrupted" the translation of the ayahs and added different wasy to calculate according to his own desires. He claimed he was merely returning the Qur'an to its 'original state'. However this still does not explain the addition of his own name (inserted in brackets 8 times).

No one can change Qur'an's existing words. But if you believe Rashid Khalifa, you can add to them (as some interpretations go) then Rashid has removed the verses he did not require, and added his own name in brackets as innovation. ie. he changed the implied meaning of those verses in order to include himself as a vital part of Islam.

Now doesn't it strike you as extremely convenient, Khalifa rejects all the hadith (because it is clear that Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the final messenger/prophet to be sent, and that innovation of Qur'an/Islam will not be accepted) and Khalifa conveniently has his translation of the Qur'an, mention him by name?

More Lies About the 'Miracles in Quran'

Now here is another FAKE PIECE OF INCORRECT INFORMATION sent a  letter to me. It read (in part): (our replies at the end) -


Hey guys check this out! Amazing!!!
...very interesting discovery of Dr. Tariq Al Swaidan might grab your attention:

Dr.Tarig Al Swaidan discovered verses in the Holy Qur'an mention one thing is equal to another, like men are equal to women - exact same number of the word 'man' and word 'woman'.

Although this makes sense grammatically, the astonishing fact is that the number of times the word man appears in the Qur'an is 24 and number of times the word woman appears is also 24, therefore not only is this phrase correct in the grammatical sense but also true mathematically, i.e. 24 = 24.

Upon further analysis of various verses, he discovered that this is consistent throughout the whole Qur'an, where it says one thing is like another. See below for astonishing result of the words mentioned number of times in Arabic Qur'an:

Dunia (one name for life) 115. Aakhirat (one name for the life after this world) 115
Malaika (Angels) 88 . Shayteen (Satan) 88
Life 145 .... Death 145
Benefit 50 . Corrupt 50
People 50 .. Messengers 50
Eblees (king of devils) 11 . Seek refuge from Eblees 11
Museebah (calamity) 75 . Thanks 75
Spending (Sadaqah) 73 . Satisfaction 73
People who are mislead 17 . Dead people 17
Muslimeen 41 . Jihad 41
Gold 8 . Easy life 8
Magi c 60 . Fitnah (dissuasion, misleading) 60
Zakat (Taxes Muslims pay to the poor) 32 . Barakah (Increasing or blessings of wealth) 32
Mind 49 . Noor 49
Tongue 25 . Sermon 25
Desite 8 . Fear 8
Speaking publicly 18 . Publicising 18
Hardship 114 .... Patience 114
Muhammed 4 . Sharee'ah (Muhammed's teachings) 4
Man 24. Woman 24

And amazingly enough have a look how many times the following words appear:

Salah 5, Month 12, Day 365,
Sea 32, Land 13

Sea + land = 32+13= 45

Sea = 32/45*100=71.11111111%
Land = 13/45*100 = 28.88888889%
Sea + land =100.00%

Modern science has only recently proven that the water covers 71.111% of the earth, while the land covers 28.889%.

Is this a coincidence?

Question is that Who taught Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) all this?

Reply automatically comes in mind that ALMIGHTY ALLAH taught him this. As the Qur'an also tells us this.

Please pass this on to all your friend and Muslims you know.

Aayah 87 of Suraa (Chapter) Al-Anbia para 17:

Our question to you is:

Where is the evidence that Shaikh Tareq Swaydan said any of this? Whoever did mention this needs to be corrected in a number of issues, inshallah.

For instance, Allah does NOT say that men and women are 'EQUAL' - Read the Quran itself (for a FREE Quran download: www.AllahsQuran.com/free )

Look up surah An-Nisaa' verse 34: Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has made one of them to excel the other, and because they spend (to support them) from their means.

Now read in surah Al-Baqarah, verse 282 about witnesses to a contract: ... And get two witnesses out of your own men. And if there are not two men (available), then a man and two women, such as you agree for witnesses, so that if one of them (two women) errs, the other can remind her.

The concept of men being the same as women is ridiculous and should be dealt with only from the true Muslims point of view.

FACT: Men are not the same or equal to women and women are not equal to men. Both are different and both have seperate and important roles to play in life. The idea equality only applies to the treatment, with justice, for both and the status in front of Allah, for those who come to the correct belief and then satisfy their roles in life as Allah has prescribed for them.

Next, using the Quran (website www.AllahsQuran.com) do a word search for the word 'man'. You will find it says the number of occurances is not 24 - but rather 771, and the plural form 'men' comes up 1013 times.

Now check the word 'woman', you find only 22 (still not 24) and the plural 'women' appears 83 times.

Now check out 'life' - 203! Now compare to the real number of 'death' - 100!

'People'? - 524 and now compare to 'Messengers?' - 180

'Angels' - 154 compare to 'Satan' 100 and 'devil' - 34

Magic 60 . Fitnah (dissuasion, misleading) 60

Magic (60)? - Nope

Fitnah - misleading (the entire concept and propagation)

Here are some links for Muslims on these lies about Islam, Allah, the Quran and the prophet, peace be upon him. Bookmark them, and share on FACEBOOK:

Please visit our website for REAL MIRACLES OF QURAN - www.ScienceIslam.com

FREE QURAN to download:

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I consider, that you are not right. I am assured. Let's discuss it. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.
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Yusuf Estes, you can't search for an english word
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Nothing to be confused about brothers and sisters. I can go write a book tomorrow and say this is the interpretation of the Quran and whatever else I want to say, doesn't make it true. People are writting books all the time and Khalifa is going to have to answer to Allah one day as to his deciet. This is the information age, anyone and everyone can say and do what they want on their sites or whatever. Easy to make up lies and manipulate impressionable minds. But once you go to the source, no one like Khalifa can ever put you astray, cuz he makes no sense.
#2 It is about time someone exposed these evil ones and their lies 2010-11-09 04:17
I got confused by these lies years ago and now Al Hamdulilah we have the proof and we have to warn the Muslims about this. You come to Islam and then someone starts trying to get you in their group and mess you all up with this kind of nonsense. May Allah help us all ameen.
#1 Arshad 2010-06-13 20:53
The article is wonderful as usual and addresses one of the important issues of verifying information before we pass it on, the trait which our Ummah has seemed to forgot in the recent past. But I feel the layout of the articles have to changed giving a clear distinction at the first look as to which is the question and which is the answer. Also, it would be good if you could provide us with a 'Quick email to friends' box which would help us spread the word easily.

Editor - you are correct. The article was being worked on while you were reading. Al Hamdulillah. Hope you can read it better now, inshallah.
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