Facts: Jesus? Bible? Trinity?

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"Trinity in the Bible?"

What do Bible Scholars say about it?


Scholars of Christianity & Judaism Reveal Truth About Their Religions
New - "That" Prophet? Did Jesus foretell of Muhammad in the Bible? (Yusuf Estes)
New - "Bible & Quran Compared" Books of Christianity & Islam Compared
By Ex-Preachers Dr. Gary Miller & Sheik Yusuf Estes
New - Son of Who? Nature of Jesus of Christianity and Islam (Yusuf Estes)
"Bible - A Closer Look" - What it really says - (Yusuf Estes)
"Who Wrote the Bible" - (excerpts from book by the same title)
Jewish Scholar of Old Testament - Richard E. Friedman
"Bible Contradictions?" - Are There Contradictions - Why? Jim Meritt
Secret Gospel of Mark(?) Unbelieveable? - But it's true - Bible Scholars Confirm it!
"Beginnings" (How Did the Bible Come About?) [still in progress -more coming, God Willing]
"How Did 1 God - Become 3?" Arianism Vs. Council of Nicaea (Church History)
By Brother John Raymond, (A Catholic Priest)
"Priests And Preachers Enter Islam" True Story - of American Family & Catholic Priest
24 hr. Broadcast - (right now) - Go now to hear and chat with others about the world's fastest growing religion [ISLAM] - "We're waiting!"
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"Canadian Christian Accepts Islam" - Former Baptist Christian Tells All.
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#1 sk 2013-06-16 05:21
if you truly love jesus then you have to do what he said. start by reading a red letter bible.
many contradictions in bible because no 1 has ever been able to produce a divine scripture.

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