'Just became a Muslim, can I start my life over . .?

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"Salam alaykum"
I just became a Muslim
Now can I start my life over?

Salaam! I have been given the grand opportunity to have a Muslim in my life and I am asking you to teach me about Islam.
..was a Christian - but ..in the past two months, my desire to know more about Islam and my wanting to convert.
I truly believe there is only One God and we have to serve Him and follow His Will.
I find comfort in many things about Islam and feel that God has sent me this Muslim person as a testament to Him (God) and the Hereafter.
I do however have a concern: My mother and father are Christians and are very concerned about me converting to Islam.
I know for a fact that my mother would be horribly upset and the heartache that she would endure is something that I do not want to be the cause of.
I do however want my life to be happy and I believe (inshallah) that I can and am comfortable in Islam and what God has given me.
How do I go about converting without hurting my family? They are very important in my life and I do not want to seperate from them.
Please help me I am caught between my honor to my family and faithfulness to God.

Thank you for your time and assistance, salam.

Bismillah Rahman Raheem -
Salam alaykum to you too.

We're always happy and pleased to know and help our new brothers and sisters who choose Islam as their way of life.

Congratulations on being guided by Allah to the correct belief in Allah as the One and Only God and Muhammad, peace be upon him, as God's messenger.

Your statement in affirmation of this fact is something providing you and all who make this statement the opportunity for Paradise with Allah in the Next Life, inshallah.

You can ask questions and get proper answers straight from the Quran and sunnah (the main sources for true Islam)

I agree with you, Allah in fact, has sent you a Muslim person to help you find the truth about this way of life called ISLAM.

As to your question - here is our answer:

You are also correct in wanting to hold on to your family and the relationship with them is something very important as a Muslim. Allah orders us in the Quran to maintain the ties of kinship and not to sever these most important connections to our family. This is mentioned in the Bible and in the Quran and certainly is something all of us naturally feel in our hearts as well.

I like to recommend to everyone to take life one step at a time and not to try to do more than you are capable of doing. Additionally, you might consider some classes on the beliefs and practices in Islam or visit our websites for these topics and then offer to share time with your family members in these classes whether in person or on the internet. We do offer some weekend programs, broadcast live, with such notables as Sheik Salim Morgan, Imam Mutahhir Sabree and of course, myself and others, all of whom like you, have come to Islam from Christianity.

Start right from the beginning and just focus on what it all means - Go to this website and then download the FREE PowerPoint presentation and then make your own CDs and simply put a big (?) question mark with a magic marker - right on the front of the CD. Then put it in a case or plastic sleeve and hand it out to anyone and everyone you know - and say this:

"Thank you for asking me about my faith. I have two things for you.
First this CD - and second, a question.
But I want to ask my question -- AFTER you see this CD."

AFTER they have a chance to see and hear this CD (on a computer), you can just ask them the most obvious question, which is: "HOW DID YOU LIKE IT?"

Here is the link to the website for new Muslims and non-Muslims: www.WhatsIslam.com
(remember to download it and make the CDs - and the question is "How did you like it?")

You see there is no guidance except from Almighty God Himself. And if a person is sincere and they ask Almighty God (Allah), there is no doubt except that Allah will guide them to His Way (Islam).

Here is a very important website to help you learn about the true message of the Quran (in English) and a free download of Quran for yourself:

FREE QURAN to download:
www.AllahsQuran.com/free (also check out the other links on this website)

And here excellent websites to help you learn and feel even better about your choice as a Muslim. The actual testimonies on camera and on paper from some of the many thousands of new Muslims coming to Islam on a regular basis...


See and hear, in their own words - why these people, from around the world and around the corner are all "REVERTING TO ISLAM"


See who is coming to Islam and why, and the problems and experiences they encounter along the way. (let us know if you would like your story here)

PRIESTS & PREACHERS ENTER ISLAM Read the story of "Priests & Preachers Enter Islam"

"Priests & Preachers Enter Islam" "Priests & Preachers Enter Islam")

How a Catholic priest, an ordained minister (my father), my wife and a music minister (myself), all came to Islam and what really happened.


this is a site developed for the purpose of sharing Islam in real-time on the internet in plain and simple English terms. It is one of over 2,000 domain names we have online.


(all must be approved before we publish them to our viewers)

See and download videos on your choice of topics with your favorite presenters of Islam, like: Sheik Salim Morgan, Dr. Bilal Philips, Dr. Jafar Idris, Abdullah Palmer, and yours truly.


Listen and download hundreds of audios on many different topics and subjects, all presented in the simple English format.


Find what you are looking for on our many sites. Type in the keyword or words to search through all of our related sites, on any topics.


This is the complete Quran in Arabic with English translation of meanings with detailed explanations and even some audio programs to help better understand the Quran in English.


Our site for communicating with everyone around the world (just as you did here). Write to us (join as a member and then sign in - follow the directions - click the link to ask questions in the upper left hand side).


for learning, sharing and joining the effort to share Islam in simple English language.

We are honored by Allah to be help put the very first TV channel for true Islam (In English) for the U.S. and Canadan (now on Internet and soon on satellite, inshallah):
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#2 Nour Hamdan 2010-08-24 10:26
you are most welcome to the muslim comunity may allah be whith you on your path of learnig islam
#1 mahfoud 2010-08-21 16:20
welcom ti islam my brother

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