Answering Attacks on Islam

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Answering Harsh Questions
How Can We Answer
Harsh Questions on Islam?

ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE: Monday March 9, 2015

Here is the most effective way to deal with attacks and "Harsh Questions":

First of all, remember you're a Muslim and you represent Islam to the people. So control yourself and do not give in to temper or unkind remarks, or insults and do not tease people.

Second, remember these are people just like you and they do have rights according to Islam. Take it easy and keep in mind the way of our prophet, peace be upon and how he suffered so much at the hands of the very people he was trying to save.

Now, start with a nice statement to prepare them for the correct answers to their questions. Here are a few samples of real questions (and answers).

Thanks for your question. Before we start, please keep in mind some important points:

1. Muslims cannot lie about anything, especially about our religion. Lying goes to Hell according to Islam.

2. Original documents still exist today of the recorded sources of the Quran and teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him. These are preserved in the original language of Arabic in museums around the world.

Here are references (translated to English) online:  (for the Quran) (Free Quran mailed to your home or office)  (for the teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him).

These are important features of Islam, not available to other ancient religions.

3. Sometimes 'questions' may contain statements that are not correct. We must qualify what is being said and what is implied.

4. Along the way, if you find things in the answers to your questions, that make you feel better about Islam or even see things better than what you have, are you going to be ready to worship One God, without partners and obey His commandments and do His Will on earth, as it is in Heaven? After all, that is what Islam is really all about anyway.

You may give him the following links to help: and and

Now let us look to the questions that they sent back to you.

1st question sent reads:

"I disagree with the idea of Islam for two reasons:

1. It is looking for miracles to prove that it is God's true religion. If my religion dictates to me, I must do something, I would not remain in that religion. I think God made man as a free, moral agent to use his/her choice whether or no they should follow God.
See, I'm not looking for miracles, but I do believe God is real because of what I see around me, that's my proof. I also see God has already done the miracle by loving mankind so much He gave his only begotten son to live and die for mankind, to save us from sin. So anyone who just believes that can have eternal life. There is no other way.

The first part of what this man says is more like a Muslim than a Christian. The sad part is he doesn't know anything about the beautiful teachings of Islam.

I have no idea where he got the notion we're looking for a 'miracle'. We don't need to look, we already have the most important 'miracle' of all - the QURAN. Maybe we could ask him to just read a translation to familiarize himself with our 'miracle' and what we actually do believe, inshallah.

2. Your definition of religion is too shallow. True religion is not to see a miracle. It is to fee the poor, clothe the naked, heal the sick, shelter the homeless, plead the case of the widow and care for the orphans, and love God with all your heart, and all your mind and all your soul, and love your brother as yourself. That's God's true religion friend.

Wow! His definition of religion actually captures the spirit of many of the verses of the Holy Quran in what he is saying here. This is exactly what Islam teaches.

For instance read in surah Fajr (89). Clearly, it teaches us that true Islam is to feed the hungry and cloth the needy and care for the orphans as well. And read surah Baiyanah (98) "The ahl kitabi (Jews & Christians) were not ordred to do any more than worship Allah, alone without any partners, keeping the religion pure for Him, establish salat (worship), pay zakat (charity) and this is the religion with Allah most clear.

He said what Islam is exactly teaching, I could not have said it better myself.

I recommend for you to tell him, he is right in much of what he is saying. Then offer to let him compare for himself what we have in the Quran. Make sure that you don't say he is totally right -- only say that he is right in much of what he is saying. There is a huge difference in the two statements.

You might like to select a verse or two that confirm what he is saying, inshallah. And then prove to him that he is already on the right path and should consider more about Islam to help others know also about the many misconceptions.

After all, if he says things that are agreeing with Islam and then says that he doesn't like Islam - that is too strange. You know?

Perhaps you could tell him, "We are more in agreement with what you are saying, than you know. I wish you would check out more about our teachings and have a look for yourself".

Another question concerning 'Jihad':

Can you explain why ISLAM is a source of so much violence? I'm talking about 'Jihad' in the name of God!

This is one of the cases of what we call the "Harsh Attacks On Islam"

He is making a statement that is intended to look like a question. But in fact, it is a statement. After all, he has supposed that Islam is terrorism and war and violence, right.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You can study for this one by reading articles and listening to many of our tapes on the subject of "Harsh Questions".

Here's our website to study About Jihad -

Mistakes that are commonly made by Muslims without proper training include:

* Telling people that "Islam is Peace" - Islam is actually: Surrender; Submission; Obedience; Sincerity; Peace to Allah.
Visit our site for info on this one: and
* Saying that "Islam is tolerance" this is very wrong. Islam - does not tolerate - that anyone be worshipped except Allah.

Oppression and corruption are not tolerated either. 
Terrorism is definitely not tolerated in Islam. Islam came up with a solution to terrorism 1,400 years ago. It is called "Jihad sabilillah". (combat for the sake of God's Way - not the human's way)

Pray for Allah to guide these people and do your best. Be patient.

Visit our links on the subject of the dawah here in the West: and

(do it now: FACEBOOK, Twitter, Chatrooms)
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#3 Yusuf Estes 2013-12-17 22:21
Bismillah Salam alaykum,
I have personally seen many people come to Islam using exactly what our scholars have listed as ways to communicate this message.
Truly there is no better guidance than the Guidance of Allah and there is no better following than the following of Muhammad, peace be upon him.
You are all welcome to use any and all of our 2,429 websites, our videos, audios and our telecasts and TV programs as much as you need. All for no charge. If you really want to help us - pray for us. Those interested in joining with us to get the rewards can do so on - Free Qurans, Free Dawah, Free Videos, Audios and chat rooms too! Your donations will really help us and help you, inshallah.
#2 A.A. 2013-06-19 22:49
OK that is very convincing and now I am seeing more truth than ever. This is the best article on how to deal with 'people like I used to be'
Now I have to put it to work.
Thanks guys...
#1 abeer 2012-04-23 22:22
gr8 inspiration for me__thanks big brother yousuf,__cuz iam going to join my university very soon,there are many people with diffrent religious backgrounds,but ,iam going to do exactly what you siad,slowly and steadly call them to the truth,i hope ALLAH will help me...__but there is one thing i would like to share,__you wrote in your article'inshall ah',i read about it once,it said that this word [inshallah] it means 'create ALLLH' naozubillah.... __most of the people are using english for chat and messages,so insted of this we should write it completly,that is,INSHAH ALLAH,__I just wanted to share it, cuz i have been making the same mistake untill i read this, __i hope it helps.......... ....

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