Yusuf Estes, Baba Ali, Eddie, Dr Zakir Naik, Yasir Qadhi, Bilal Philips [MEMORIES of Great people)

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ISLAM NEWSROOM - "Memories of Great Times - With Great People"
--- by Yusuf Estes
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  • Imam Mutahhir Sabree - "Treasures of Islam"
  • Imam Shamsiali - "Welcome Back"
  • Yusuf Estes - "Family Focus"
  • Karim Abu Zaid (Denver, CO) - "Let's Talk About It"
  • Abu Anas (Merritt Island, FL) - "Understanding Our Way"
  • LIVE on Guide US TV - Remote Locations in Chicago
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Here is the list of all speakers.
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Sheikh Yusuf Estes
Former Christian Preacher, and Retired National Muslim Chaplain of N. America.
Sheikh Abdur-Raheem Green
British convert who is famous for his lectures on Islam in London's Hyde Park.
Brother Abu Ahmad
Public Speaker and founder of IDCA center in Australia.
Dr. Bilal Philips
Published an impressive array of books on various aspects of Islam.

Dr. Jaafar Idris
One of few Muslim Scholars who comprehends the knowledge of Islam & Western Ideologies.
Sister Khadejah Jones
An Australian convert who's love towards science has led her to Islam.
Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed
A professional instructional technologist and author of several educational books.
Sheikh Muhammad Adly
Sheikh Adly is presently the Imam of Masjid al-Muslimeen in SC.
Sheikh Mutahhir Sabree
Former Catholic alter boy & candidate for priesthood.
Sheikh Salem Al-Amry
An active da'ee & regular lecturer on ChatIslam covering various aspects of Islam.
Sheikh Salim Morgan
A convert to Islam and regular speaker in California.
Brother Yusuf Chambers
He always wanted to help humanity and found that goal in Islam.
Dr. Yasir Qadhi
Author of several books about Islam, and popular speaker in US and the west.
Dr. Zakir Naik
"He has achieved in four years what I could not achieve in 40 years." Ahmed Deedat.

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Nasheed (Muslim songs) Artist

Ahmad Bukhatir ~ Zain Bihkah

Dr. Bilal Philips, Yusuf Estes, Dr. Jamal Badawi, AbdurRaheem Green, Yasar Fazaga, Hussein Yee, Yasar Qadhi, Dr. Ahmed Turkistani, Dr. Jafar Idris, Sheik Mahmoud, Dr. Zakir Naik, Zain Bikhta,Yusuf Jafar

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Sheik Yusuf Visited India January 10 - 22, 2008 . . .

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#1 fathima 2012-09-01 17:19
brother Nouman Ali khan from Bayyinah is a great speaker too.wish you had him in Guide us TV

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