Sheik Ahmed's Dream: A Lie?

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"Sheikh Ahmad's Dream of Sheikh Ahmedam"A BIG LIE? YES!

What is the ruling on forwarding emails about sayings of our prophet, peace be upon him?
In particular, those emails that have strange things and dreams in them

According to Islam:

It is HARAM (forbidden) to forward these types of emails without first verifying and confirming the content, especially when there is mention of "the prophet, peace be upon him, said..."

"Shaykh Ahmad's Dream of Muhammad"
re: Forwarding LIES IS HARAM

"Whoever attributes to me something that I did not say, let him reserve his seat in the Hellfire."
- prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him



Question Received September 11, 2003

Sheikh Ahmeds Dream LIES"I am concerned about emails that Muslims are sending out to "everyone on their lists." It seems that a lot of them are not really based on the teachings of Islam, that is the Quran and authentic hadeeths. What should we do?"
(I am including a sample that just came to me and would like for you to confirm or refute the contents of the "Dream of Shaykh Ahmed in Madinah."

re: Fowarding Emails That LIE About Allah & His Messenger (peace be upon him)

In a message dated 9/14/2003 6:14:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Someone claiming to be a Muslim sent this email out:

This email starts out something like this:

: (This is NOT true - do not believe it; do not forward it; warn anyone about this LIE!)

This is true.: (NO! It is NOT TRUE)

From Madina Sheikh Ahmed has sent this news. On a Friday Sheikh Ahmed fell asleep reading the Quraan. Then he dreamt the Prophet Muhammed (saw) standing in front of him and saying that in one week seven thousand people died but not even one was a true Muslim.

None did what ALLAH wanted. He also said now is a bad time. These days Wives dont look after their Husbands, Girls go round without being covered they do not respect parents or others, Rich do not look after the poor, they do not give gifts or money or do not give fulfil zakaat.

He also said to Sheikh Ahmed make people understand to give zakaat, To do prayer and to keep fast. The day of judgement is near. When There is a single star in the sky, straight away the path of forgiveness will close. The writing in the Quraan will disappear (vanish). The Sun will lower itself with earth.

The Prophet said : (HE DID NOT SAY - THIS IS NOT TRUE)



If a poor person gives out this news to other people his/her good wish will come true.

: (NOT TRUE - Whoever even repeats this or sends it to others - could go to HELL - Forever - DO NOT DO IT - FEAR ALLAH)

Sheikh Ahmed said if this is not true then my death will be of a Non-Muslim. The Prophet said "KEEP FAST, DO PRAYERS, GIVE ZAKAAT AND GIVE KINDNESS TO THE POOR"

Whoever Forwards This will get his/her reward in three days.

: (NOT TRUE - Whoever even repeats this or sends it to others - could go to HELL - Forever - DO NOT DO IT - FEAR ALLAH)

One Person forward it to 40 people he had 8,000 thousand, take prophit in his buisness. One Person did not believe this news and his son died.
: (NOT TRUE - what kind of nonsense is this? FEAR ALLAH)
One kept Saying he will forward it today, tomorrow but never forward this news he died as well.
: NOT TRUE - Allah Subhannad wa Ta'ala tells us in the Quran that "Every soul shall taste death." The time and date of our death is recorded with Allah befofre He ever created us. There is no way that Allah kills us for not forwarding email - especially LIES like this.)




: (NOT TRUE - Whoever even repeats this or sends it to others - could go to HELL - Forever - DO NOT DO IT - FEAR ALLAH)

Obviously, no Muslim should forward this or anything like it.

For the clear hadeeth narrated by our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, says, "Whoever attributes to me something that I did not say, let him reserve his seat in the Hell-Fire."

How do you deal with something like this?

Same as any other situation.

We keep calm, think things through and then patiently present the correct information to the best of our abilbities, inshallah.

Let us consider the following way to present ourselves and Islam in the proper light to the people.

This is the way we suggest to handle people like this:


Bismillah - Salam alaykum,

Thank you for writing to me. I would like to reply back to you regarding your recent letter. But, before we begin let us remember some very important points to keep in mind:

1. As Muslims we cannot lie about anything, especially about our religion.

2. We can always prove what our religion teaches because we have original recorded sources of our religion:

A) The Quran
B) Teachings of Muhammad.

This is a very unique part of Islam, not available in any other ancient religions.

3. Sometimes "questions" contain misinformation. We must qualify what it is that someone is saying against what they are implying.

4. If you find the answer to your question makes you say, "I didn't know that" or "This is good" are you ready to worship your God by submitting your choices to His Will?

This what Islam is really all about.

The most important subject is the worship of Almighty God, without any partners or associates or "gods" besides Almighty God.

Having stated our intentions, we now go to the answer:

Bismillah Rahman Raheem - Answer #03-09-11 3:45 P

Thank you for asking about these types of emails and this one (Dream of Shaykh Ahmad) and for putting such confidence in our ability to be able to provide answers.

Actually, we have written on this subject a number of times. It is not permissable according to Islam, to forward these types of emails without first verifying and confirming the content, especially when there is mention of "the prophet, peace be upon him, said . . ", nor to mention them, nor to forward emails about them.

This is not the proper way to handle the situation. In fact, this is exactly what the enemies of Islam want us to do. In many cases they pretend to be Muslims or friends of Islam who are supposedly "helping Islam and the Muslims."

To those who are not familiar with some of the basics of dawah in Islam, these may not seem like a big problem. However, it is never acceptable in Islam to try to accomplish some good by doing something haram (forbidden). It is never, ever possible to spread Islam by lying or using deceptive practices.

Thank you again for writing to me, and I pray to Allah for you and me and everyone to be guided by Allah to the very best of this life and the very best of the Next Life, ameen.

Why would anyone do such a thing?

Good question.

Because of Muslims promoting the wrong message.

Think about this: Muslims continually send out messages like the one that you just sent and then they tell everyone to do the same thing. Right?

Remember that the devil only has ONE GOAL - to put as many of the sons of Adam in the HellFire as he can. That is it. He does not really care how they get there.And it works - for the enemy.

Shayton (the devil) knows that most Muslims are ignorant of their religion and think that they know enough that they don't need to ask anyone about what they are doing. Or else, he counts on the fact that they will consider that it looks like something that will "help" the ummah (Muslim community) to do good deeds, even if it is a "little white lie."

But keep in mind that by lying about what our prophet, peace be upon him, says (whether in a hadeeth or a dream by some mystic shaykh, supposedly in Madinah), it is still a lie and could cause the one who sends it on to others to go to HELL, FOREVER.

And it is working!

We must discourage this practice of just "forwarding this to everyone on your list." You see many Muslims today do not really know a lot about Islam and they are easily confused by these people who know how to make up things to fool us or mistranslate or misrepresent the verses of the Quran and the hadeeth of the prophet, peace be upon him. As a result I have a number of emails coming to me from different countries wherein the youth are asking me about things that have really messed them up, all of it stemming from these teachings.

For the above reasons you can see why it is haram to forward these emails?

What should we do?

Good question:

First, when you receive email with any statements about dreams or visions - DO NOT FORWARD IT TO EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST.

Second, send a copy to our office here in Washington - email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." data-mce-href="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." data-mce-href="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." data-mce-href="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Third, begin to visit and promote the websites that are dealing with the real issues of being a Muslim in this place in these times. This is critical.

Finally, DO COPY & EMAIL this to everyone ON YOUR LIST!

We can all make a difference. But it takes cooperation and dedication. We must not play with this subject. We must work hard at promoting the real Islam based on the Quran in the Arabic language and the authentic hadeeth.

Our prophet, peace be upon him, warned us of times like these and here we are. So, let us make an agreement to work together for Allah.

Jazakalah khair was salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes

For live discussions on these matters: No software or install file to download - just click the link, check the agreements and then join us and then you can ask your questions in "chatroom" style to our teachers when available).


As regards providing a rather simple and straightforward answer to questions when making dawah or just sharing the basics of Islam, we do recommend the following steps. Begin with mentioning to them who is Allah the Almighty. Explain what we believe about the purpose of this life. This life for us is a test to see if we will worship Allah or something that He created.

Then let us also provide the Quran and other materials for them to take home and use there to help them to discover the truth about our purpose for being here in the first place (worship of Allah without partners).

"Shaykh Ahmad's Dream of Muhammad"
Emailing Lies is HARAM

Special Audio khutbah - "LIES!" [click 16 minutes]
Yusuf Estes - Las Vegas - June 11, 2004

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#8 Ibn Masud 2012-03-15 22:18
Thank God!!!! Back then, they used to hang around the masjids on Fridays and distribute all these stuff and no oine used to protest for fear of being "cursed". JazakhAllah, for these articles. Please will you write someting to FINALLY invalidate the myth of "NEIL AMRMSTRONG/ MICHAEL JACKSON IS A MUSLIM!!?"
#7 umar ashraf 2012-03-08 20:06
i read somewhat similar to this letter like 16 years ago when i was in 5th stander.I didnt know that poeple are this much ignorant that they will keep on following and believing such things to this day.What is HAQ and What is BATIL.its very easy to distinguish between these two if we have the guidance of quran and sunnah.JazakAll ah
#6 yusuf estes 2011-10-23 12:11
Any questions about 'dreams' or anything else for Islam, we do have scholars helping answer your questions. Check it out
#5 abu kathir 2011-10-12 21:51
at last someone is telling it like it is. no more junk and email trash. thank you.
#4 Ferguson 2011-07-31 19:14
Correct me if I am wrong, but there is no point in reading the Quran after a dead person. What benefit is there to them for you to read the Quran? I think many people who don't understand what they read, assume the Quran is this one big prayer, it is a guidance, instructions to mankind, in how to live, teachings. Anything and everything to do with life. Reading the Quran at the cemetary or after a dead person does nothing for them. Of course there are duas you can read, so you would be better off doing that. Reading Quran is innovation. Yusuf Estes my wonderful teacher will elaborate if I am wrong. Allah knows best. Ramadan Mubarak.
#3 aaisha 2010-08-07 12:47
when i was in elementary grade 6 Philippines... got a copy about the story saying about the dream of someone about the Holy beloved Prophet s.a.w._It says, the same thing but most of all it says, if the letter is not photo copied to be spread, 10 years of bad luck or misery kinda like that will happen to you. My mother got angry and said to me that it's a lie. I doubted it too because the more religious society/groups of Muslims did not do so much promoting or reacted. But it became a source of controversy although no one wants to spent money for photocopyng/xer ox the 2 page letter until imposed by the higher Islamic group in Philippines or from the Saudi Arabia. ...Not worth spending for a letter who threatens your faith just because you cannot photocopy. I thought,how about the poor who have no money. Alhamdulillah you have informed many Muslims about it. I thought that story/stories about letters have ended/extincted , _May ALLAH show all the Muslims the straight path always especially to the younger/coming generations, amiiin. ALLAH made you an instrument to show the straight path inshaALLAH. ALLAHU AKBAR.Who ever do this KNOWINGLY (not by ignorance) lies against his/her own religion how on earth they can do this?When they believed that ALLAH will resurrect us all and test our words/proofs etc. Astaghfirullah. I will inform others that it is a lie esp. for informing the more younger generations.jaz aakallah khayraa! Masha ALLAH, very Good work,thumbs up for the article/s.
#2 Abdul Qadeer 2010-06-27 11:09
Assalamualakum, ____Brother Yusuf..I should say hit the nail right on the head....this is a very common practice by some ignorant Muslim brothers who don't have enough knowledge to even check if it's right or wrong .... anything they see or read in Arabic.....they think yea....that's pretty Islamic msg...n keep forwarding without realizing there are a lot of Arabic speaking Non-Muslims around who can take this as an opportunity to spread the wrong word of Islam .....thanx a lot for clearing up this misconception.. ..____- Jazakallahu Khairan
#1 meesha kha 2010-06-08 00:05
asalama laikum,

Thank u brother yusuf for uplaoding it, this is very common here in pakistan, i will try to send it to as many people as i can inshallah!

I would request u to upload more articles like this about other innovations practised now a days,
i would like to ask one,
is it innovaion or not to read quran after a dead person? plz give reference.

Ur sis in islam!

Need permission to post comment