Women Entering ISLAM (videos)

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New Women to Islamwomen enter_islam_onstage(See Their Own Videos)

UPDATE: Tuesday May 19, 2015

Many Women Entering Islam Around the World

converts reverts_play_boy_bunny_to_Islam2

(see their videos - below)


People ask about treatment of women, teenage & small girls in Islam,
"What are they looking for?"


converts reverts play boy bunny to Islamwomen enter_islam_onstage


From drugs, abuse, Playboy magazine, drug addiction, husband abuse
- to Islam?
Now gets respect from men
Balance in life makes everything real
Found purpose in raising her son
Enjoys kindness from Muslims
[More photos & stories CLICK HERE]

What attracts so many women to Islam (100's every month)?
Famous Woman Journalist Captured by Taliban?

Promises to Read Quran if They Let Her Go -
Then Reads Quran & - - ??? (becomes Muslim)

Angela Collins was typical Girl Next Door:
Blond - Blue-Eyed California Girl
Now she covers herself up! Prays 5 Times A Day
What happened to her?

What attracts hundreds of women every month to Islam?

reverts Mix sisters 1

[click videos above to see their own stories]

See the attractions for yourself . . .

  • Modesty
  • Shyness
  • Social Behavior
  • Beautification and Adornment
  • Guests
  • Public Baths & Swimming Pools
  • Dance Halls & Gymnasiums
  • The Masjid [mosque]
  • Guidance to God's Religion is only from Almighty God Himself. Anyone who is sincere in their heart and ask God for guidance - there's no doubt God will guide them to His Way.

  • Here is a very important website to help you learn about the true message of the Quran (in English) and a free download of Quran for yourself:
    FREE QURAN to download:
    www.AllahsQuran.com/free (also check out the other links on this website)

  • New website for both Muslims & non-Muslim women to learn real Islam: www.WhatsIslam.com
    (remember to download it and make the CDs - and the question is "How did you like it?")

  • Excellent websites - Help you learn, gain confidence. Testimonies on video and websites from frew of thousands coming to Islam daily.

    (videos) See and hear in their own words - Why People Around the World Convert to Islam.

       (Read) See who's coming to Islam & Why. Problems they face and solutions.

     (True life story of a Catholic priest, an ordained minister, a preacher & family - All coming to Islam in Texas. )

    VIDEO "Priests & Preachers Enter Islam"

  • CHAT ISLAM .com .
     (Chat with scholars, new Muslims and non-Muslims! Share Islam in plain simple English / 24 hours a day - Schedule posted on site)

    WATCH ISLAM .com .
     (Watch Islam TV channels. Taraweh in Makkah. Hadith in Madinah. Peace TV. Huda TV. Islam Channel TV and GUIDE US TV - All FREE)

    HEAR ISLAM .com .
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    (Find what you need, when you need it - on our 2,500+ websites)

  • Q TAFSIR .com .
    (Complete explanation of Quran in English from Ibn Kathir, a student of Ibn Taymiyyah)

    (The News we need - when we need it. Not the usual boring news - Our news! Our Way)

  • SHARE ISLAM .com .
    (Main Dawah site - Learn! Share! Join! Be part of our growing network for social and intellectual exchange)

    We are honored by Allah to be help put the very first TV channel for true Islam (In English) for the U.S. and Canadan (now on Internet and soon on satellite, inshallah):
  • Islam's Women
    Prof. Abdur Rahman Doi
    Director, Center Islamic Legal Studies
    Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria

    Special For Islam's Women

    More? www.SearchForIslam.com  KEYWORD: women


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