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Stories of the Prophets
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Stories of the Prophets: Yusuf Estes


..series and you will too (inshallah).

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PEACETV Solution for Humanity [source: Guide US TV]

Sheik Yusuf Estes filmed "Prophets of Allah" while visiting Dr. Zakir Naik's TV stuidos - Peace TV - in Mumbai India. Now you can watch it here in USA & Canada - FREE - every day and no commercials.


The delightful 52 episode series of programs is directed toward all children around the world and it is one of the largest of its type ever produced in the English language. The enterprise features the unique entertaining, emotional and educational presentation narrated by Sheik Yusuf Estes.

Parents and youth alike awaited the first of the year long series with great anticipation and to their delight and pleasure the programs started right on schedule and have been airing regularly on Peace TV ever since.

Sheik Yusuf to come out with such an entertaining and educational program will have to wait now, as the while project has now been put on hold until further notice.

The unique background set was designed for Estes by former Bollywood director Azhar Faridi and the project was completely shot on location in Mumbai India by Peace TV's own camera crew using up to 7 camera angles at a time. Estes is depicted in the unique setting while presenting highly charged and emotional presentations of the prophet's lives and is aimed toward all ages and all backgrounds but in particular the youngesters of school age.

The filming was interrupted for a few days after he had totally lost his voice and could not speak above a whisper. Doctors in Bombay worked hard to help Sheik Yusuf get back on track in time to finish the programs before the deadline. After a brief couple of days off he completed the entire series, thanks to Allah.

Satellite broadcasters have see a tremendous increase in viewers on the channels depicting Yusuf Estes and others on Peace TV. Dr. Naik in particular has been an icon for the channel ever since it began. [see: ]

Estes was interviewed in Mumbai and commented on the excellent treatment of all those involved. He requests Muslims everywhere to offer prayers for these wonderful men and for their families who made the series possible.