She Converts Then Asks "What's Next?"

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Islam Newsroom UPDATE: "WHAT'S NEXT?" Monday March 9, 2015
"What is next?" - Good question.
After watching videos, listening to talks & asking good questions - Al Hamdulillah, our new sister came to Islam (means = surrender to God in peace) and now she asks us:
Dear brother,
I want to know what is next for me now as I convert to Islam?
I understand what is expected of me and what is my responsibility after 5 pillars of Islam.
But can you please help me, as my family is not really too supportive of my choice.
Thank you for anything you can do to help me.
Yours Truly,
[new sister name with held]
Answer: Bismillah, Al Hamdulillah (In the Name of God Almighty, Praise be to God)
Congratulations dear sister, on your research and efforts to find and discover the meaning of true Islam, and to submit to our Creator (Allah) on His terms in peace (Islam).
Here are some excellent links for you to get started: (basics of Islam compared to Christian: Likes & Differences) (people like you, who came Islam and made their own videos)
After using our websites - The sister wrote to us again . . . READ
After comparing Christianity to Islam on these websties - I wanted to learn more about what would happen to me if I accepted Islam as my way of life. I needed to meet someone who experienced it first hand. This would be very helpful.
Yusuf Estes, your story comparing Christianity to Islam convinces me totally - But I wonder, was it too difficult to convert to Islam?
I have been following your teachings on and feel at home with Islamic beliefs.
My problem is they told me I have to divorce my husband, leave my job, forget my friends and loose my family. Can you help me?
Answer: Yes. You are right - after compaing Christianity to Islam, I too had to re-think everything I knew since the day I was born.
After honestly considering everything, I came to the same conclusion as you - Islam is the only way. To serve God on His Terms, Obeying His Commandments - What else is there?
Sister, I did just as you are doing - I accepted Islam! Al Hamdulillah.
But then what? My parents - What will they do?
My other relatives - Will they turn their back on me?
My friends - What will they say?
My co-workers - Will they reject me now?
So many questions in my mind, but I am convinced in my heart - I KNOW ISLAM IS THE TRUTH!
But, like so many converts ask me, "Where to begin?"
Islam is all about CONNECTIONS:
First, Connect Your Heart to Your Lord: Start with the 'Shahadah' (testimony and oath to follow God's Commandments)
Read this important article to help you understand what the shahadah really means (Muslims should review this one too): This explains the 9 important conditions of the shahadah and how to put them to work for you.
Next - Connect to Your Worship Daily: Start the salat (connection in worship) with Allah and establish these acts of worship in your life, five times a day as soon as possible.
Next - Connect to Knowledge: Begin learning more about our beliefs, practices and responsibilities to Allah, His Deen, His Quran, His Prophet, peace be upon him, the Muslims and of course to all of the other people as well.
Next - Connect with Scholars & Teachers: We have scholars who come online with us every day and you don't want to miss this great chance.
Next - Connect with Muslim brothers and sistersBe with the Muslims as much as possible. If you are not in a community with a lot of Muslims.
Many new Muslims visit our live chats online:
If possible, find some Muslims in your area. Talk with them. Keep in mind, many born Muslims never really searched their own religion. So don't be surprised if they have mistakes or don't even know things you learned. You are searching for truth and guidance, and many Muslims are not thinking much about that today, due to attractions to this material world (dunya).
Next - Connect to Your Local Muslim Community: Visit your local mosque, if you have one in your area. Try to learn what is going on with the Muslim community close by. If you do not find a community of Muslims who practice true Islam, based on Quran (in Arabic) and follow the sunnah (way of Muhammad, peace be upon him) then go to our chatroom (above link) and talk to our scholars there who will provide insight and understanding for you to be able to help yourself and your community as well.
Next - Stay Connected to Your Family:
Be careful not to turn them away from Islam and rejeccting you totally before they even have a clue to what it is all about. None of us reverts were warned enough about this problem and we found out too late. Then our parents and relatives and friends turned further from Islam just watching us do crazy stuff, and trying to argue with them about Christianity, Bible, Jesus, Quran, terrorism, world wars, etc.
The first thing to keep in mind, is the rights of parents, family, neighbors and others and how they must see you properly behaving and living the life of the true Muslim. Be patient, kind, loving and give the best service to all people. Islam is about service. Service to Allah is number one, and after that is the service to the people.
DO NOT DEBATE like attacks on YouTube videos - with those whom you love, if you want them to really learn and know Islam. Just live the righteous life of a true servant of Allah.
That is the way of Muhammad, peace be upon him.
These links helped many families to settle differences and have more resepect for new Muslims: many links to compare Bible to Quran Read 'Son of WHO?' & 'Who is Jesus' share with Christian relatives to understand your choices compare beliefs between Christian & Muslim here
When people come to attack your new faith and hurt your feelings, remember the people of the time of Muhammad, peace be upon him, also attacked him and his followers in much worse ways, but they endeavored to persevere and be patient. They did not attack back and debate and argue. Just present the truth and then pray for them. That is best.
More links to help you along the way: Get the real story of details, what we believe about Allah, God - and why Proof that no one can deny - Real eye-openers Basics, Beliefs, Duties and simple comparison to Christianity and Judaism Read, Listen, Learn and enjoy the Quran. Many reciters, nice explanations and EZ learn features What did people say about Muhammad, peace be upon him, at his time? And future times? Find more of our websites all dedicated to presenting true Islam in simple English
Another link to help share your faith with others too:

My Sincere Advice to you sister (and all new Muslims): Do not go to extremes!
Take everything one step at a time. Do not make drastic moves that you will regret later.
Some Muslims will begin right away telling you things you "must do" according to them. But sometimes they are only talking about cultural things from their countries or backgrounds. Just ask real scholars before making any rash moves.

Next - Connect with US: Be with us as we broadcast our LIVE and recorded programs every day on www.GuideUS.TV online or on satellite TV, or iPhone, iPad and now on Face Book:

UPDATE YOUR CONNECTIONS: Read articles on our website here (www.IslamNewsroom.combe sure to RATE & COMMENT each article.

And of course sister, we must all keep asking Allah Almighty, the same thing over and over every day - GUIDE ME, O Allah, Guide me.

My Prayer for you (and all new Muslims everywhere): May Allah always guide you and protect you and keep you on the straight path, ameen.
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