Woman - Not Asleep!

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Will she "EXPIRE"?4000 years ago she fell asleep

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4,000 Years Ago - She Fell Asleep?

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4000 years old woman

Look close, you may see sand in her garment, Almighty God (Allah) used it to preserve her in this perfect state of rest.

What was her life like? Did she know there is "God"?

Most of the American natives did worship One God - I know this personally. I watched them do shahadah (enter to Islam) to many. Even the chief of the 'Akii’ tribe, in US and Mexico, and to the medicine man from Arizona ~ But this is not our story here

Click for more from Ancient Chronicles: "A woman, who had slumbered for an astonishing 4,000 years, has emerged from the sands of time, her preserved remains astonishingly intact. What sets her apart is her exquisite hair, which still displays distinct features even after millennia."


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This life is a test . . Not just for some of us . . ALL OF US!

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#1 Yusuf Estes 2024-02-21 11:28
Salam alaykum. This is a real woman. But I can't confirm the age. I saw it on Facebook.

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