Hostage Family vs Netanyahu!

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LAST NIGHT ~ February 7, 2024missed the newsWhile You Slept . .


Here’s Happened — AT NIGHT (while we slept):

Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024, 12:40 PM in Israel (occupied Palestine)

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu says, public protests of hostages families are helping Hamas.

Jerusalem Post exposed, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. While speaking in a Tel Aviv press conference Saturday, he criticized protests by families of the hostages, saying they are helping Hamas.

"I understand, it is impossible to control one's emotions," he said, “Protest movements doesn't help" and only, “Helps Hamas and delay results we all want”. - Jerusalem Post.

Now the Back Story:

On October 7, last year, Hamas took a number of Israeli hostages in Gaza.

Conflicting stories came out — “Babies killed with their heads cut off” (grossly false — no babies killed, no children, no non-combatants)!

“1,400 Israelis killed”, (changed to, “1,200”, now lower, and some even killed by Israeli soldiers).

“Thousands of hostages”, (now hundreds). “Rapes of dead women”, changed to (underwear removed of dead women, (not sure about rape).

According to Israelis — their own soldiers killed Israelis, and even hostages.

Haaretz (Israel News 02/06/24)

Times of Israel 02/07/24

What story are we supposed to believe (if any)?


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