Bombs on 2 Camps

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Israel Bombs 2 Refugee Campsrefugee campsU.S. Continues sales of weapons to Israel

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Israeli war planes bomb two refugee camps in Gaza, and says: "Expanding ground offensive"

Refugee camps all

Residents in 2 of eight urban camps set by UN Relief Agency to give shelter to Palestinians fleeing homes following Israel’s warning to leave their homes — told Associated Press airstrikes hit the areas Friday night and Saturday early morning.  The same time, Israeli tanks were moving into central and southern Gaza in a military offensive. 

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163 Palestinias were killed over night and morning. The death toll stands now at 21,600 Palestinians.  The majority of the 2.3M Gaza residents are displaced by the bombing of Israeli troops.

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U.S. has announced another approval of a new weapons sale, despite a growing campaign of international call for cease-fire. This is number two of Biden’s bypassing U.S. Congress, to approve of yet another arms sale to Israel.

Gaza starving

South Africa asked the International Court of Justice to declare Israel is in breach of obligations under the 1948 Genocide Convention by conducting its ongoing attack in Gaza.  Israel’s foreign ministry responded to the request, as expected, calling it “baseless”.

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The UN human rights office expressed deep concerns for ongoing bombing of Gaza.All the roads” connecting refugee camps have been destroyed and obstructions are preventing any relief or aid to reach those who need it most. Shelters, hospitals still operating at critical levels need resources. Overcrowding and under resourced, according to a warning by a spokesperson last Tuesday.




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