What "Self Defense"?

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Is This"Self Defense"?

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Islam Newsroom Saturday, January 6, 2024

If you really want to know . . . Check out GUIDE US .TV

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 Islam Newsroom Exclusive Updates for Gaza.

Right now the bombs are dropping on Refugee Tents!

This is far and away from any "pay-back" or even "Revenge".

This is the worst display of open hostilitly toward any group of people on earth ~ Even more than German Nazis did in the 1940s.

It is so horroible, it will go down it history as the single most vile act of humans against humans in all history.

To express your own take on all of this, please leave your commemnts below and after review, they will be pubished (with or without your contacts as you wish).

        https://boycott.thewitness.news/browse/1 check this for your family!


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