"My Parents Are ADDICTS!" What to Do?

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parents drugs alcohol

I"It's Haram! What Can I do?"

Alcohol & Drugs Are HARAM

kids parents drugs alcohol

Do You worry they may get arrested or even worse?

Do You get a lot of broken promises and criticism?

Do You worry for your parent’s health and safety?

Are You embarrassed by your parents additions?

Can You stop your parents from doing drugs?

Can You stop them from drinking alcohol?

No. You can’t stop them from doing it!

But, You can make it better — for You!

Facts You Should Know . . .

25% of kids below 18 are living at home are dealing with parents who abuse alcohol and/or drugs.

Countless others are affected by a family member’s use of drugs.

Remember . . .

You are not alone. Lots of teens are in your situation. This is important and dealing with this is not as hard as you may think.

Alcohol and/or drugs are really a disease. Whenever a family member has this condition, all the family is really affected and suffering because of it.

Remind YOURSELF . . .

It’s not your fault ~ it’s a disease. You didn’t cause it. You can’t stop it. You do need help.

Young people whose parents use drugs or alcohol are 4 times more likely to get addicted, if they start drugs or alcohol.

Good NEWS ~ if you don’t do drugs or drink alcohol ~ YOU DON’T GET ADDICTED!

Take care of YOU . . .

Talk with an adult you can trust — teacher, school nurse, counselor, doctor, aunt, uncle, grandparent or even a neighbor.

Choose the one who will listen and help you deal with this problem.

Join a support a group — (great idea). A place to meet other young people trying to deal with same or similar problems.

Ask a school counselor, or a social worker to help you find the right support group.

To find a local support group, talk to your school counselor or social worker.

Remember . . .

Your family needs help.  You know them best. They really need you. It’s important to ask Allah and other caring adults who can help you, help them.

1) Talk to Allah people you trust and show interest.

2) “Hang out” with other Muslims who practice Islam.

3) Get involved in your school and masjid activities.

4)  Learn new things from Islam, while you have fun!

5) Be safe, and a productive Muslim ~ follow Sunnah.

6) Use your strengths, talents and skills from Allah.

7) You need and deserve the very best - of Islam.

Even if your family doesn’t get help, get your support - the right way, The Islam Way.

Three “C”s . . .

#1Communicate with family and ~ ALLAH

#2Cure is only coming from ~ ALLAH

#3Choose to make Dua’ to ~ ALLAH


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