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Vaccine for Covid-19

Ready For U.S.

Muslim virus vaccine

Muslim Couple Develop It!


vaccine covid 19 Pfizer

We just received info that on Sunday the Turkish Muslim owners of BioNTech SE, 22UAy.F information about their $1.95 billion deal with Pfizer to supply 100 million doses of the vaccine to the U.S. and gave an option to get up to 500 million more doses. Amazing and we are all so happy. Think about it - the whole world will be saying "Thank you" to Muslims (or will they?)

 - But wait - There's more . . . a lot more to come, maybe:

The following morning on Monday, rival Moderna came out with their experimental vaccine, claiming it prevents COVID-19 based on interim data trial, saying it may be ready for use soon.

Are we imagining something here? Or is there a “possibility” the phrase “Muslims to the rescue of the world” - doesn't need exposure?

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