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ISLAM NEWSROOM - "Muslims Leave Islam?" & "Don't Share Poison"

"It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision."

Quran [33:36]

Question #20180128 DATE: 09-11-03

Brother Estes, I get emails & links of videos channels on Youtube attacking Islam - some Muslims left Islam and they say why. And some Jewish and Christian who saying evil things or saying Quran is wrong - even tells me to "FORWARD TO EVERYONE & WARN THEM

One person's YouTube channel confused us about Quran and Islam and any religion and it got me and my friends in college really afflicted by all this too. You have to see these channels and videos and then you will also see the problems no body can answer against these guys. 

We keep seeing same videos on Facebook attacking Islam. I watched so many of different channels and videos and I'm doubting Islam and Quran. My friends are also feeling like me and we don't do salat anymore, nor do we do fast. And now some left Islam but they parents do not know it. I want you to wactch this videos and then you see how we doubt too much now.

If you know something to make these ideas cleared up and can debate these people then tell us how to answer and be sure what we saying.

Muslims leave because of these guys. What to do? How to answer them or debate them? We have to tell others! Right? 

Thank you for your questions about videos & webpages attacking Islam . . .

Not anymore2

Before We BeginRemember These Important Points:

1. Muslims do not lie about anything, especially about our religion.

2. We do have the original sources of our religion in the original (Arabic) language:

       A) The Quran

       B) Teachings of Muhammad (hadith)

This is a very special and unique part of Islam, not available in any other ancient religions.

3. We are not here to show off or insult other people and their beliefs.

4. We do not guide people to Islam - Allah guides whoever He Wills to the Straight Path.

5. WE DO NOT SHARE ANYTHING (videos, websites, emails or texts) THAT ATTACK ISLAM.

Our most important job is worship of Almighty God, no other "gods" or partners of any kind, besides Almighty God - And to share that message.

Thank you for asking about these websites and for putting such confidence in our ability to be able to provide answers.

Actually, we have written on this subject a number of times. It is not permissable according to Islam, to visit these sites, nor to mention them, nor to forward emails about them.

This is not the proper way to handle the situation. In fact, this is exactly what the enemies of Islam want us to do. In many cases they pretend to be Muslims or friends of Islam who are supposedly "exposing" these evil websites.

To those who are not familiar with the way that the search engines work on the internet, there would seem to be no problem in visiting these sites. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The more "Hits" (visits) that the site gets, the higher it is going to be rated by the search engines and the higher position it will have on a search. This will help increase the chances of these websites to come up in a word search for "Islam."

Do you doubt this?

When I first wrote this article in September 11, 2003 (15 years ago) - If anyone searched on Google for the word "Islam", the number of webpages with the word "Islam" was over 9,670,000  - But, where was the worst enemy of Islam (Answering Islam) at that time?

Leave it

From 1999 to 2003 it Was . .

ON PAGE 1 - in the Top 10!

Now, how is it that the enemy of Islam can manage to stay on the page one for over 3 years in the top ranking position?


Because Muslims continually send out messages like the one that you just sent me - and then tell everyone to do the same thing.


These people knew Muslims were easy to manipulate and it worked then - and it works now - because Muslims do not listen to real scholars - 

Instead they go to Sheikh Google or Imam Facebook for information - Instead of Quran and sunnah.

Imagine, back then - out of 9,670,000 websites with the word "Islam" - the deviants and misguided and enemies of Islam are sharing the highest places.

What do you think it is today - RIGHT NOW?


Because Muslims promote the wrong message.

#1 position at that time went to (Ibrahim Shafi) because he had the most links with the word "Islam")

#2 position was (they had many links from their other sites and sites linking to them).

#3 was usually their other site: (same reasons)

#4 is usually the Shiites or NOI (Nation of Islam under Louis Farrakhan)

[notice I DO NOT give the links]

Then #5, #6 or #7 was always ANSWERING ISLAM - [BIG ENEMY TO ISLAM]

Do Not Promote Those Pages . . AND no share

Muslims then did not know much about Islam - and they got confused by such people who knew exactly how to misrepresent verses of Quran and bring doubts about hadith of our prophet, peace be upon him.

I used to get hundreds of emails asking me strange questions and odd things that Muslims should already know from growing up in Muslims families in Muslims countries.

 As a result over time young Muslims got really messed up! All coming these bad websites and emails. For these reasons you can see why it is haram to give out these sites or to even visit them.

We said it then - and we said it AGAIN & WE SAY IT NOT - DO NOT VISIT OR SHARE THESE PAGES!


Today is Even WORSE - YouTube VIDEOS - Facebook STORIES - Cartoon Messages - All Day

BUT WHAT SHOULD WE DO?Good question.

First, when you receive videos, links or texts attacking Islam -



Second: Visit good websites showing real Islam in the best way in simple English: 

Third: Share Islam ( with Muslims and non-Muslims. For attackers against Islam use: (same websites - different name)


Fourth: Use this page, copy, paste, link and share with whoever sends you attack videos against Islam. And tell them the Islamic ruling about all this.

So, use and promote our many websites that deal with real issues of being a Muslim - in our world today!

We Can Make A Deference - TOGETHER

YES! It takes cooperation and dedication. We must not play with this subject. We must work hard at promoting the real Islam based on the Quran in the Arabic language and the authentic hadeeth.

Our prophet, peace be upon him, warned us of times like these and here we are. So, let us make an agreement to work together for Allah.

More research tools to use & share:




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