BABA ALI Captured by HLI

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Haram police catch Baba Ali caught
Baba Ali Explains 'Haram Police'


Yet another Muslim has been caught by the Homeless Land Insecurity (HLI) and he is now waiting in 'Ad-dunya sijin' (Life's prison).

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught his followers, "This life is a prison to the true believers and a paradise for the non-believers."

Baba Ali, the famous guy on Huda TV for his children's programs, admits to us he has been caught up by "Random Lee" at the airports - AGAIN.

When asked about "Random Lee", it became clear he's talking about the selection process for "extra screening" at airports and other places around the country.

Most of us have heard the message, "Additional screening is done randomly (Random Lee) selection . . .

Enjoy some humor (and introspect) with Baba Ali . .

Have you been bothered by the 'Haram Police'?

Is it time for us to speak up and get the facts straight?

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Watch Baba Ali Deal with the "Haram Police"
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