STOP Rohingya Genocide

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United Natioin published this statement saying the Rohingya Genocide is the "World's Fastes Growing Refugee Crisis"

307,500 Rohingya Muslim refugess were already living in makeshift camps with host communities, says the UNHCR.

"Most Rohingya refugees reaching Bangladesh - men, women and children with barely any belongings - have sought shelter in these areas, setting up camp wherever possible in the difficult terrain and with little access to aid, safe drinking water, food, shelter or healthcare."

Source - UNHCR

Now over 537,000 refugees have arrived since August - half of them are children, over 60% of the adults are women.

Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh

There are also around 145,651 people staying outside the camps in host communities.

Why is being done by international community?

There are also around 145,651 people staying outside the camps in host communities.

What is being done by the rest of the world?

Done footage DEC camps Bangledesh

The need for aid is overwhelming.

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  • 720,000 children in need of humanitarian assistance, according to Unicef
  • $434m in funding needed for UN humanitarian response plans over the next six months
  • 900,000 doses of cholera vaccine mobilised for immunisation campaign
  • 10,000 latrines to be built by Bangladesh military to provide sanitation for 250,000 people
  • 500 tonnes of aid has been delivered in five airlifts

There has been widespread condemnation of the Myanmar government's actions but talk of sanctions has been more muted:

  • The UN Security Council appealed to Myanmar to stop the violence but no sanctions have been imposed

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  • The US urged Myanmar's troops to "respect the rule of law, stop the violence and end the displacement of civilians from all communities"
  • China says the international community "should support the efforts of Myanmar in safeguarding the stability of its national development"
  • Bangladesh plans to build more shelters in the Cox's Bazaar area but also wants to limit their travel to allocated areas

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  • Myanmar urged displaced people to find refuge in temporary camps set up in Rakhine state but hadded that Myanmar would not be able to allow all those who fled to Bangladesh to return

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  • The UK Disasters Emergency Committee launched an appeal for funds to help the refugees and their overstretched host communities. UK Prime Minister Theresa May also said the military action in Rakhine had to stop. The UK has suspended training courses for the Myanmar military

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Can you sit there and do nothing? Or are you ready to help?

Donate online at:

Or use your phone - TEXT the word: "Burma" to 41444


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