Get Your Prayers Answered in 24 Steps

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24 Steps to Get Prayers Answered

ISLAM NEWSROOM - "24 Steps to Get Prayers Answered"

1. Call upon Almighty Allah sincerely and in earnest.GodAllah7
2. Begin with praise to Allah (Al Hamdulillah), Glorify Him (Subhan Allah), then pray for the peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, salla lahu alayhi was salam, and complete the supplication (dua) with it.

 Ask with firm belief and full conviction it will be answered.

4. Be persistent in supplicating and not being hasty.

5. Pray and supplicate with full attention.

6. Supplicate (dua) in both times of ease and in times of hardship.

7. Supplicate or make dua to Allah alone.

Do not supplicate against your own family or their wealth or children, or against yourself.

Call upon Allah with a voice that is not too low and not too loud.

Confess the sins, seek forgiveness for committing the sins, and acknowledge Allah’s Blessings and be grateful to Him for them.

Do not recite the dua or prayer in a rhyming or musical style.

Observe humility, humbleness, endeavor, and fear for Allah (when supplicating).

godallah313. Repel injustices by making repentance (to Allah).

14. Offer the same prayer three times.

Face the direction for prayer.

Raise both hands when praying.

If possible perform wudu (ritual washing) before supplication.

Do not transgress or commit sins when supplicating.

When praying for others, start with yourself first then with those who you pray for.

Ways to call upon Allah seeking to draw closer to Him:
  • By His beautiful names and lofty attributes
  • By righteous good deeds
  • By asking righteous people to pray
21. Food, drink, and clothes must be earned though permissible means.

22. Do not pray to commit evil or to break off family ties.

23. Enjoin what is good and forbid the evil.

Stay away from committing all acts of disobedience.

Ad-Duaa’a min al-Kitaab was-Sunnah by ash-Shaykh Sa’eed bin ‘Ali bin Wahf al-Qahtaanee Pages 8-1 

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