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Yusuf Estes Explains:.
.Broken Website Links..

NOTE: Yusuf Estes operates about 2,500 Islamic websites on the World Wide Web since February of 1998.
He asks us to help support this dawah effort with a small donation every month: www.DonateForIslam.com
Make dua for him and his volunteers and their families, inshallah.

Someone asked him about the "Dead Links" and "Dead Websites" for Islam. This what he reported to us at Islam Newsroom:

"Bismillah - Al Hamdulillah Rabbil alameen, was salat was salam alarasool al kareem. I wanted to answer the question of 'Why do many dead links and websites for Islam?'

This problem is usually related to Internet websites that were started in good faith by Muslims who were in school or universities and then after graduating or getting married, they left their projects and thought to themselves, 'Well, I did my dawah thing and now it is time to move on..' This makes a huge problem for the rest of us who did not 'move on' and we are still on the Internet facing all of these dead links and dead websites.

So please ask our brothers and sisters who are starting these blogs, forums and web pages to consider what they are starting and if there is a chance they might have to drop it later - then PLEASE, let us work with you and keep it all going. We have been doing this work for over 15 years on the Internet and have a lot of supporters and volunteers who will keep this work going even after we are gone, inshallah.

Before you start - think about contacting us and working for something much bigger, better and longer - for dawah:
Join us now at: www.GuideUS.TV/join we are ready for you inshallah.

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Yusuf Estes has 2,300 websites for Islam
Click here for a few of them.

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