Son Left Islam - What Now?

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Too Little? Too Late?


 ISLAM NEWSROOM - "Boy is Bad! Now Dad is Sad"

It's the all too common story these days for Muslim parents who put so much into the "Western education" of their children here in America & the UK..

Here's a father posting online and praising the "system's" results on their son last June:

Salem alaicum everyone! Congratulate to us! 
AlHamdulliah! My son (name deleted) COMPLETED DEGREE OF MASTER OF EDUCATION passed with high honors & top of his class mates!
Allah swt ke hum shukar guzar hain.
Aur aap sab ki dua ka natija hai.

a proud dad

 That was then - -

This is now, October:

Assalamualikum. I listen to you on PEACE TV,GUIDE US TV &TUBEISLAM. Our son is leaving Islam, and marrying a Christian girl. he doesn't live with us for the last 7 years.
He doesn't care about Islam and avoids anything to do with Muslims (except us). Our boy is 25 now and has masters degree and a good job. He really is a nice person and he is kind too. We are came here to the west from (country name deleted) before he got born.
We tried everything to make him get back to Islam and be a Muslim again.
You're a famous person like Dr. Zakir Naik and Muhammad Salah and Yasir Qadhi. You guys have to help us get our son back.
Is it too late for my son? Can you guys do something? What to do?
I am asking Allah to get your attention and make you connect to our son and save him and us. Please call my phone right now.
My cell is (000) 000-000 (deleted).
a sad dad.


What happened?

Where is the cure for the problem?

My reply to him (and all parents in this problem) -- READ . . .

Bismillah Salam alaykum dear brother (deleted), 

Your email has just  reached me today while I'm on tour. I'm working on my various accounts before fajr and saw your email. 
This story is so similar to many others I have heard over the last decade, and it makes me very sad to see this happening.
While we have many new Muslims coming to Islam through the front door, we also have many Muslims born to Muslim families leaving out the back door.
By the way, every night in our lectures we see several people accepting Islam.
Strange, isn't it? So, we can't say the west is the problem - in fact, it is the place most people are coming to Islam. But at the same time it is the place many Muslims are leaving Islam.
Why is this? 
It seems the part of your letter that is most common is the part about the boy being born and raised in a non-Muslim environment.
Most likely attending public school and having non-Muslim teachers, friends and associates through most of his life. Even those who attended the weekend Muslim Sunday schools have much the same story. Some even memorized some or all of the Quran, and this really hurts.
The biggest problem I have found with all of this, is the lack of true understanding of the correct message of real Islam. The exact same thing that brings so many people to Islam around the world, is lacking in the lives of many of our own born-Muslims.
What is the cure for the problem?
Good question.
The answer lies in the Quran, with understanding. Not just reciting something with little or no meaning, but rather real understanding from true scholars and teachers.
A Muslims child should be taught from early years, even before they attend school, the basics of belief, salat, Arabic and Quran, along with examples from their parents on a daily basis.
When children see their parents and others around them following certain ways, they automatically copy those ways and this is very normal.
So, what about the child who never heard about Islam?
While they grow up, they follow their parents in whatever they do. But when they begin their search for the meaning of life and come across Islam, often times they find what they are looking for and convert, even though many people around them are trying to stop them or at least showing strong disapproval.
By the way -- It is NEVER TOO LATE for someone to enter Islam or return to Islam - but it does take effort and guidance.
The effort comes from us and the guidance comes from Allah.
Where to start? First, by learning the important basics of Islam ( and then the reason to believe in Allah ( and after that, the real place in the heart for meanings of Quran (1. 2. 3. and then the real way for modern people to learn about Muhammad, peace be upon him (
All of these and more are available, in the correct order on
As regards your idea for me to call your son, do you really think he is going to drop everything and run to Islam just because some old guy from Texas who converted calls him up, trying to convert him back? That is not realistic, is it?
Here's what we have done to help people, like the non-Muslims and Muslims who have lost their way and want to find it again:
And our continuous broadcast TV online (www.GuideUS.TV) and on our satellite TV channel (Galaxy 19 - use "GUIDE US TV") and our free to air antennas in Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Dallas, Columbus, Ohio and free phone apps (iPhone & Android, type in guideus-tv)
All of this effort is coming only from donations from our own viewers. We do not take advertisements or commercials, only support from Muslim families who really care about Islam.
We have already set up and maintain programs, shows, entertainment and projects to bring the light of Islam into the homes of millions. But there are still more out there who don't know or don't care about the importance of bringing real Islam into our homes instead of the misinformation being thrown at us from the media networks, social media and online nonsense.
I highly recommend to you and your wife, visit the websites I have given to you and pray to Allah in every one of your five daily prayers, and in the middle of the night prayer (Qiyam) asking Allah over and over to guide your son to the true light of Islam.
After all, it is only Allah who guides to His straight path, isn't it?
May Allah guide your son and all of us too, ameen.
Jazakallah khair for your time in reading all of this and I hope I did not hurt your feelings in this direct manner.
Salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes
P.S. If you would like to help us keep other young people in Islam, you can support by praying for this effort every day, watching our TV channel (www.GuideUS.TV), telling others about our websites and TV channels and by helping us pay to keep it going:




#1 Oliver Kurl 2016-10-28 09:02
Salam alaykum to all. This story makes me sick. It's not possible for Muslim youth to give up and become Christian, just because they don't know much about it.

EDITOR: Actually, this is happening in many places, right now as we sit here declaring, "No. We are fine"

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