Hindu Dr: 'ISIS is NOT ISLAM'

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Hindu Dr. Slams ISIS -"Ignorant & Evil"Hindu guru ISIS slam"Islam implies Peace, Justice & Humanity"

 ISLAM NEWSROOM & GUIDE US TV - "Hindu Doctor - Slams ISIS"

Our Voice Our Media"When other faiths stand up and speak out in favor of Islam's teachings - It is a shame to Muslims who sit by and do nothing to stop the erroneous and false messages being spread by ignorant and evil agendas" - Yusuf Estes - GuideUS.TV

- By Imran Inamdar - Muslim Mirror

Time to Condemn Anti-Social Mentality - Islam is religion of Peace & Humanity!


Addressing a huge gathering here Dr. Jai Siddheshwar Mahaswami slammed ISIS and said,

-- “These days a group of anti social elements indulge in anti social activities and commit heinous crimes in the name of Islam.
It’s time to come under one roof and condemn and destroy this anti social mentality as Islam is a religion of peace and humanity”.

Shabadi Social and Welfare Association had organized an orientation function: “No entry for ISIS - and Islam is meant for peace - not terror for all communities at Pridarshini Mangal Karyalaya on Saturday.

Hindu guru slams ISISMahaswami ji says - "Islam implies Peace, Justice and Humanity"

He also said - "Live and let live" - is the basic principle of all religions and "Some unhappy people have no right to spread erroneous and forged teaching of Islam".

The function was inaugurated by Superintendent of Police Viresh Prabhu.

 Some of the other guests at the event were Moulana Ibrahim Qasmi ( Dist President of Jamiyat Ulema Hind) , Dr.Shiv Ratan Shete,  Yohan Kanepagulu (President of  State Christian Council ), Haji Maqbul Shabdi , Haji Faruq Shabdi ,Tahsildar Anjali Morade , Mahesh Ingle.

Speaking to MuslimMirror.com, President of the Association Rasool Pathan said - “These days many of   our youth are becoming prey to the web traps of terror groups and creating problems for everyone.
We are followers of Islam and we want to send this message to our brothers of other religion that Islam doesn’t give the teaching of harming humanity.”

The program attended by 1200 people of all caste and community was a grand success.

Rasool Pathan thanked his team mates Imran Mangalgiri and Pale Khan for the pains they took in organizing the event.

Dr. Jai Siddheshwar Maha Swami

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