2 Imams Killed in Queens NY

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2 Imams Shot Dead

in Queens, NY

suspect murder imams

Manhunt for Suspect

ISLAM NEWSROOM - “2 Imams Assassinated in Queens, NY”

New York, a city known around the world for multiculture, tolerance and diversity - has now taken the plunge into IslamOphobia as two prominent, peaceful and well loved Imams (prayer leaders) were assassinated in broad daylight, while returning from worship.

Double murder in Ozone Park area took place as a gunman openly carrying his weapon followed Imam Aladdin Akonjee and Imam Thara Miah, just after Dhuhr salat (around 2 PM EST) outside of Al Furqan Jamee Masjid.
Both imams shot in the head at close range, died before anything could be done.

Just as two of our beloved prayer leaders and family men are walking home from prayers, assassin’s bullets end their lives without warning.

Police say they are not sure of the motive, although over a thousand dollars was found on the Imam’s person. No money was taken.

The gunman snuck up behind them wearing a dark colored T-shirt and short pants, just as they turned the corner onto Liberty Ave. say the witnesses. A video is in custody of the police now showing the man following his two targets.

The killer was seen on video cameras following the two imams as they turned the corner, then suddenly he came running back from the same direction they had just gone. His weapon could easily be seen.

Police say they quickly arrived on the scene, finding the two imams laying in blood from their gunshot wounds, on the corner of 79th St. and Liberty Ave. The bodies were taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, but it was too late. Both passed away.

The IslamOphobia and anti-Muslim hatred has reached the highest level of violence - taking innocent lives - for no other reason than their choice of faith.

liberty 1Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, NY Harbor 

New York, famous for the Statue of Liberty, now stands in shame as racism, intolerance and open prejudice take the stage along with public figures, who openly slander, insult and malign Arabs, Hispanics and Muslims.

Recent statements made publicly even by presidential candidates seem to have given the “green light” for violence, attacks and even cold blooded murder in the very city that had opened its arms in welcoming all refugees of oppression around the world only 130 years ago.

2 imams murderedBangladesh, Malaysian, Indonesian, Pakistani & NY Muslim Community Together

Now even the Bangladesh, Malaysian and Indonesian communities are living in fear for their lives, in the very country that promised them refuge, shelter along with liberty, freedom and justice for all.

Justice statueJustice statue

This crime was almost expected by many observers around the country as other events have unfolded over the last decade, but certainly the Brooklyn and Queens area should have been the last place considering the large number of multinationals living, working and worshipping in the Big Apple.

Police have a sketch of the man (below) who is the prime suspect in the double murder since Sunday. They ask anyone who may have witnessed the crimes to come forward, promising anonymity and protection.

suspect murder imams
Police Skectch of Murder Suspect

A video shows a gunman following right behind the victims. “There is no question that he was targeting them,” the official said. “But why?”

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