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before after002WAS HENORMAL BEFORE?


ISLAM NEWSROOM - Update on Yusuf Estes Condition

-- He's OK for now. But NO MORE - climbing tress with poison oak or poison ivy - Doc said so. 

Before After

Now everyone wants to know, "What happened to him - after Islam?"

Yusuf Estes can tell his own story in his own words - If you can catch him long enough to sit down to tell you about it . .  AND WE DID!

Here's what he said to us:

"Everyone asks me, 'How did you get to islam?' . . and I tell them the story of my father introducing me to a Muslim from Egypt - How I tried to convert the man to Christianity -

But it wasn't long, only a few months when I began to see the Light of Islam - the beautiful and wonnderful understandings and life instructions to help us all get through it - with salvation from Above.

I put my head on the ground, in the dirt and asked Almighty God, for His Will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven. I just said, 'God, Guide me' and that's when I came into Islam.'

"That was over 25 years ago. Now I want to talk about - AFTER ENTERING ISLAM" - But, I just never have enough time . . .

before after003

"Wait - I have an idea - Take a look at some of these photos (maybe you're in one?)

See who you see & what's going on -- Leave a comment and let me know - I'll get more shots & put them up soon!":


Recognize anyone you know . . .
(leave comments at the bottom for others to see)

before after story 2

"I'll keep sending the pictures, you let me know if anyone comments, OK?"

before after story 3

"Really enjoyed these guys - Where you there too?"
-- Leave me a message (end of the page) I would love it"

Before After story 4Recongize anyone yet? --- Keep looking! We got more - LOT'S MORE . . .

before after story 5

Did you recognize Ahmad Mansoor from Al Jazeera TV?

What about Mufi Menk? Abdurraheem McCarthy?

 before after story 6Now look real close . . . Maybe you?
Maybe someone you know? Maybe "yes" maybe "no"?

before after story 7

 From iEra Team in UK? What's his name ? ? 
That's Farid Hamid on the left (white thobe),
Ahmad Mansoor, then me...

Bottom right? JOHN FONTAIN from UK

before after story 8Reconize the Ex-bishop from Washington?
Wonderful man! Then me . .

Then - wait, is that Robert ? ?
on the end is John Fontain, again . .

We all know Bill Cosby - I loved his kid shows (did you?)

before after story 9Bottom, on my right (your left)
is Mamdou Mohamed (Egypt scholar)

before after story 10Hey! Do you see Dr. Zakir Naik???
Sanfor Pass (left side)? on the bottom?
(I'm teaching him how to count to 1)

before after story 11Anyone you know yet?
Well, there sure is one I know - right there on the bottom -

Well, that's little Maryam Masood our #1 Reciter
. . . and youngest presenter on Guide US TV

before after story 12
Name them all - if you can...

before after story 13B & W on top -- That's me & my buddy translator in Qatar
Anyone else you know?
(what about John Fontain on bottom right?)
before after story 14O.K. top right - Dr. Muhammad Salah
U.A.E. Prince (lovely chap) with Quran
John Fontain, me, ex-Bishop Micah (great guys)
before after story 15Look close - Real close - CLOSER - CLOSER
You should know at least one . . 
Before After story 16Bottom right - Mueen Qadri & John Fontain (Judo contest in UK)
before after story 17I gotta take a break for suhur & fajr - more later - OK?

before after story 18[Left to right - me, Saed Rageah, Sheikh Assim,
Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Menk & Dr. Muhammad Salah]
before after story 19Some photos here are duplicates - (but it's free, right?)

before after story 20So many wonderful memories
(well, partial memories - I don't remember everyone's name)
before after story 21Look at the two little ones in the middle - CUTE!
And of course - Ummrah in Makkah - AMAZING!
before after story 22

 Someone asked us, "What's with the finger up in the air?"
So, a brother told them, "1st photo is Free!"

before after story 23Top: Ummrah - Visit to brother
Center - Noor Masjid in Dublin, Ohio
Bottom left - A school I think?
Bottom right - Harris Tobin & Me in Hajj 

before after story 24Beautiful Masjid (top)
India Peace Conference (mid left) - Al Jazeerah NY (mid right)
Not sure on either of the bottom ones..
before after story 25Guide US TV (top left) - Airport? (top right)
Two TALL GUYS with me - (center)
Me, Yusuf Chambers (UK), Abdurraheem McCarthy (bottom left)
Ready to eat - but NO FOOD (bottom right)
before after story 26Travels All Around the World & Around the Corner
All for the sake of Allah & His Message of

before after story 27TV TIME (TOP)
Friends & Kids (center) India Peace Conference
Islamic Relief (bottom left) - Food (bottom right)
before after story 28On the Move & Guide US TV (top)
Spelling Lesson (can you spell 'GUIDE US TV'?) Center
before after story 29UNITED NATIONS (top)
Islam Newsroom (center - duplicate)
Me & Abduraheem Green (iEra) U.K.
before after story 30Dr. Zakir Naik
(top Left) Yusuf Chambers (U.K), Mufit Menk,
me, Dr. Muhammad Salah, Nouman Ali Khan
(top right)
Mufti Menk, Abdurraheem McCarthy, me (center left),
me on TV (center right), Brothers in UK (bottom left), me on TV
before after story 31FREE Bumper Stickers (top left) - Huda TV (top right)
Back stage at Huda TV (center left) -
Take A Break on Huda TV (center right)
Peace Conference Dubai (lower left)
Dr. Sabil Ahmed {Gain Peace} & Ejaz Chicago (lower right)

before after story 32Mutahhir, Falcon & me (upper left),
Bumper Sticker WINNERS (LOL top right)
India Peace Conference (center left), me 1980s & me in 2004
me in 2013 & me with POISON OAK (last weekend - June 2016)
before after story 33Conference (upper left), Huda TV (upper right)
me (center) What's Islam
Farid Hamid, Ahmed Mansour (Al Jazeera TV) me (lower)
before after story 34See John Fontain (UK) - center left! Anyone else you know?
before after story 35


#4 roshniquranacademy 2016-07-13 08:44
Masha Allah nice article to read !! Learn Quran from Online Quran Teaching or Online Quran Academy jazak Allah khair !!
#3 Md. Talha Ansari 2016-07-10 12:56
Glory to Allah! What would i give to have a life like that! Those that read this, please pray that Allah make me good, save me from sins and make me do righteous deeds.
#2 Yusuf Estes 2016-06-22 10:49
Salam alaykum. All these photos were taken by others and posted on the Internet - So, we decided to lay them out and share the memories... with all of you too!
#1 Mahabub Alam 2016-06-22 03:05
السلام عليكم Sir, I love you very much, I always watch your program in youtube, you are really nice. Allah bless you and may Allah long live you. As well as Allah guide the American through you.

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