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New Muslim 00New Muslim
to Muslims?

"New Convert To Islam - Apologizes to Muslims"

Find out what he did:

My name is Richard and . . .

I’m 29 years old now, I work offshore in the Oil & Gas Industry. I recently decided to study and read about Islam.

New Muslim 02[But first some background . . .]

So,I was baptized when I was brought into this world by the Church. I was raised in England going to Sunday school every Sunday without failure. At high school I was placed in a Catholic boarding school named St Patricks in Malta. There I studied, ate, and slept.

This was a strict catholic school which was under the Salesians of Don Bosco (A catholic religious order & Clerical religious institute of pontifical right).

Now up until recently (2016) I started to read the Quran, the main point to be honest was to learn about terrorist beliefs and such. At the same time I was reading about Christianity & the Bible, the church forefathers, historical Catholic Church scriptures including apocrypha’s,(Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Barnabas, etc.) , orthodox & catholic versions of the bible.

At this time I did not notice anything in the Quran mentioning about terrorism and spreading hate and Islam by the sword, only a few misconceptions I read regarding certain verses (Ayas).

After I started researching myself the Quran, Hadiths, listening to Sheikhs, etc., I started to feel warmth in my heart and was getting to know this beautiful religion of Islam.

Now, I was studying this myself , I was not paying attention to what other people, the news, the TV, the media, my teachers, my friends and neighbours were saying about Islam, not even what I was seeing and witnessing by what other Muslims were doing.

As we all can agree, a ‘Christian’ is not an example of the life of Jesus Christ[as], and a Muslim – therefore , is not necessarily an example of the embodiment of Islam and the character of the Prophet Muhammad[saw].

So - I actually was reading the Quran with an open mind - free of prejudices and preconditioning and I can guarantee you - nobody took me hostage. Nobody said 'convert or die'.

Nobody attempted or brainwashed me. As I now know, Muslims cannot force Islam upon anyone.

They do not have the right by Almighty God to do that, to force out convictions upon anyone, there is no compulsion in religion or anything else.

God has given you, me and everyone else the choice to think, choose, determine and to select, which is what we know as “Free Will”.

However I learned that Muslims do have the right to feel that the Quran is the book of almighty God and feel that it offers a legislation and behavior to all human beings.

Also they have the right – like anyone else – to believe that the prophet Muhammad is not a prophet sent only to the Arabs, but to the whole world.

As the Quran said: [Al-Anbya “The Prophets” 21/107. “And we have not sent you, (o, Muhammad) except as a mercy to the worlds.]

New Muslim 01Now, even if I did not consider Islam as a choice for me, which at the time, to be honest, I did not.

As there are around 1.7 billion Muslims in the whole world, it should be a system of faith that I, you or anybody else should be personally familiar with and read about it and research about it at first hand.

Now, after researching Islam myself I can speak the truth about it – what is accurate and fair about it, As I would about my own family.
So I read about what the Quran actually means, What Almighty God actually Says in it What the prophet Muhammad
actually did in his life via Hadiths (such as Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, etc.), what the evidence of Islamic civilizations is and not the deviations some Muslims do, I was objective and fair about everything and looked at the sources as a whole.

I recently took the Shahada and I am now a Muslim! Alhamdulillah -

I truly have to say – I don’t know what I did to deserve to be a Muslim. I honestly do not know.

Islam is such a blessing for me -
I felt asleep before, and now awake - Dead and now Alive - Walking in darkness & NOW I SEE THE LIGHT...

All praise and thanks to Allah - who guided me to this beautiful religion of Islam . .

And I would like to publicly apologize to all the Muslims who read this - due to my preconditioning and prejudices against Islam prior to converting.


"There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is
the last and final messenger of Allah"

{Editor to new Muslim - APOLOGY ACCEPTED - (but not needed) Allah forgives anything to a new Muslim! -- WELCOME TO ISLAM BROTHER}

 Everybody give "salams" and "welcome" to our new brother....