101,758 Bangalis Do Ummrah

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101,758 Bangladeshis
Ummrah Bangalis 2Perform Ummrah (minor pilgrimage)

MAKKAH, KSA — Good news for the more than 101,750 Bangladeshis who have performed Ummrah (minor pilgrimage) since start of this season.

Ummrah Bangalis 3Raafat Badr, executive head of Tawafa Est. for South Asian Pilgrims, says their association offers a number of services to the pilgrims, telling us their association takes care of food, lodging, transportation as well as religious rituals, for them all. He says, "Our goal is to facilitate the Umrah and Haj process for pilgrims coming into the Kingdom from south Asian countries."He also says, his association works closely with the Office of Bangladeshi Pilgrims’ Affairs, serving all pilgrims, especially those with medical conditions.

Ummrah Bangalis 1"Pilgrims must note that it is very important for them to adhere to the schedules given to them. They must stick to the schedule of departure and must attend workshops given to them by the association and the travel agency they are contracted with," says Badr.

He also mentioned all tour operators must register with the Ministry of Haj on its website to gain accreditation for bringing Umrah pilgrims into the Kingdom.

“Each tourism company must take in at least 150 pilgrims and provide accommodation for pilgrims in the same residential building or compound. That way each group of pilgrims will have similar programs and receive better services,” said Badr.

KSA and Bangali ministers 01

Mohammad Muteealrahman, Minister of Religious Affairs, expressed his gratitude to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman and to his government for the great efforts exerted in their service to the pilgrims.

“The Bangladeshi pilgrims are very impressed and pleased with the services offered to them the moment they step foot on the Kingdom’s soil. The Kingdom works hard to ensure that the entire process of Haj and Umrah is conducted in the easiest and smoothest way possible,” said Muteealrahmad.

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