All Get Out of HELL? What?

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heaven or hell

"All Sins FORGIVEN"?


"Last Man Out of Hell & Last Man Enters Paradise" - Hadith of the Messsenger, sallallahu alayhi was sallem

heaven hell who gets what

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Salvation (saved from Hell-Fire) is a big topic with Christians & Muslims these days .

Is there salvation (redemption) for Muslims?

If so, who will be the One to do the saving?

What does the fastest growing religion (Islam) say about all this?

Let's find out from the one who brought the risala (message) from Allah (God) in the form of Quran (recitation).

Let's translate what Muhammad, peace be upon him, said regarding the person out of the Hell Fire — and into the Paradise. Recorded in the sahih (authentic) of Imam Bukhari.

Last Man to Enter Paradise

Some people asked, “Yaa Rasoolullah (O Messenger of Allah), Will we see our Rabb (Lord, Arabic: رب) on the Yawm-ul Qiyamah (Judgement Day, Arabic يومالقيامة)?”

The Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alayhi was sallam said,

“Do you have any difficulty in seeing the moon on the night when it is full?”

The people said, “No. O messenger of Allah”.

He said, “Do you have any difficulty seeing the sun when there are no clouds?”

They said, “No. O messenger of Allah”.

He said, “So you will see Him like that. Allah will gather all the people on the Day of Resurrection, and He will say, 'Whoever worshipped something (in the world) should follow (that thing).

So, whoever worshipped the sun will follow the sun, and whoever worshiped the moon will follow the moon, and whoever used to worship certain (other false) gods, he will follow those gods.

And there will remain only these people (either good only or hypocrites only). — (Ibrahim, a sub narrator was in doubt about this).

Allah will come to them and say, ‘I am your Lord.’ Those people will deny Him saying, ‘We will stay here until our Lord comes, for when our Lord comes, we will recognize Him'.

So Allah will come to them in His appearance which they will know, and say, ‘I am your Lord’.

They will say, ‘You are our Lord’ so they will follow Him.

Then a bridge will be laid out across the Narr (hell-fire).

I and my followers will be the first to cross, and none will speak on that Day - except the Messengers.

And the Dua (supplication, prayer) of the Messengers on that Day will be, ‘Yaa Allah, Save! Save!

Over the bridge there will be hooks, like thorns of As-Sa’dan (a thorny bush).

Have you seen As-Sa’dan?”

The people said, “Yes. O Messenger of Allah!”

He told them, “So those hooks look like the thorns of As-Sa’dan, but no one knows how big those are except Allah. 

Those hooks snatch the people away according to their deeds.

Some will remain in Hell, due to their deeds (evil), some will be cut or torn by the hooks (falling into the Fire), some will be punished and then released.

When Allah finishes His Judgments among the people, He will take whomever He Wills out of the Hell-Fire through His Rahmah (Mercy).

Allah will then order the angels to remove from the Hell-Fire all those who worshipped none but Allah from among those whom Allah Wills to be Merciful to and those who witnessed (testified in the world), Laa elaha ilallah (None has the right to be worshipped except Allah).

The Mala’ikah recognize these people by their prostration marks (to God in worship), for the Narr will eat up the human body, except for the mark caused by prostration, because Allah forbids the Narr to consume the mark of prostration.

The people come out of the Narr completely burned and then the water of life will be poured over them and they will grow under it as does a seed that comes up in the mud after heavy rains.

Last One Out of Hell

When Allah finishes judgments among the people, one man remains facing the fire of Hell. He’s the last of those of Hell to get out and enter Paradise.

He will say, “O my Lord! Please turn my face away from the fire. Its air hurts me and its severe heat burns me.

He continues asking Allah in ways Allah wishes him to ask. Then Allah will say to him, “If I grant you this, will you promise not to ask for anything else?”

The man replies, “No. By your Honor (Power) I will never ask You for anything else.”

So, Allah turns the man’s face away from the fire, toward the Paradise.

When the man faces Paradise and sees it, he is quiet for as long as Allah Wills.

Then the man asks, “O my Lord! Bring me near to the gate of the Paradise.”

Allah says, “Didn’t you promise, you would never ask for anything more than you were given? Woe to you, O son of Adam! How deceitful you are!”

The man will say, “O my Lord!”, and will keep on asking Allah, until Allah says to him, “If I give you what you are asking for, will you ask for anything else?”

The man says, “No. By Your Honor (Power), I will never ask for anything else.” The gives covenants and promises to Allah.

So, Allah brings the man near the Gate to Paradise. The man stands at the Gate to Paradise. Then the Paradise is opened and spread out before him. He sees all the splendor and pleasures, but he remains silent as long as Allah Wills.

Finally, the man asks, “O my Lord! Let me enter Paradise!”

Allah says to him, “Didn’t you give your covenant and promise, you would never ask for anything more, than you were already given? Woe to you, O son of Adam. How deceitful you are!”

Then the man says to Allah, “O my Lord! Don’t make the most miserable of all Your Creation”.

The man keeps asking Allah until Allah laughs, due to his sayings, and when Allah laughs because of him, He says to him, “Enter Paradise”.

And the man enters it.

last 1 to enter Jennah

Allah will say to the man, ‘Wish for anything.’

So the man will ask his Rabb, and wish for many things, and Allah Himself will remind the man to wish for this-or-that things.

When there is nothing more to wish for, Allah will say, ‘This is for you, and its equal as well.’

Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri who was there with Abu Huraira, had remained silent through the entire recitation of the narration of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. But when Abu Huraira said that Allah had said, ‘that is for you and its equal as well’ — Abu Sa’id Al Khudri said, ‘And ten times as much, Yaa Abu Hurairah!

Abu Hurairah, radiallahu anhu, said, ‘I don’t remember, only him saying, ’That is for you and its equal, as well’.

Abu Sa’id Al Khudri then said, ‘I testify that I remember the Messenger, peace be upon him, saying,

‘That is for you, and ten times as much.’

Then Abu Hurairah added, ‘That’s the last person of Jannah to Enter Jannah.’

(Book #93, Hadith #532)

Even those destined for Hell will eventually leave - Except of course, those who hear about Islam and prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and then refuse to repent.

Truly, Allah is Most Merciful,

And All Forgiving

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