Tick Tock - Bomb or Clock?

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project or what

ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE: “TIC TOC - Is It Bomb Or Clock?" Texas Cops "Bomb Out" — by Abu Kathir

One brilliant, science minded, teenage freshman won’t be going back to this school next week - Not after what happened!

When young Ahmed Mohamed proudly showed up at school with a home made digital clock to impress his science teacher, he got more attention than he bargained for.

School authorities called police fearing a “bomb attack” by a freshman (named MOHAMED) terrorist (Muslim of course) from Sundan (and he had dark skin too! O my!)

First the poor kid was handcuffed, then dragged into a closed off room to be grilled by police. They refused his request for a phone call to his folks (or attorney or anyone else for that matter). 

clock or what 1

Imagine what he went through . .

  • He was arrested!
  • After arresting him, the heavy interrogation began:
  • He was handcuffed!
  • He was searched!
  • They said, “HE’S GOT A BOMB!”
  • But Ahmed said, “It’s a clock”.
  • “No. It’s a clock. I’m a science student at Mac Arthur High School.”
  • “Clock, sir”
  • “Student”
  • “Can I call my mom?”

Ahmed told news reporters he was pulled out of class at Mac Arthur High in Irving, Texas by the high school principal and five cops - who then hauled him off to a room for “interrogation” - for over 90 minutes.

When he asked to call his mom or dad, they shouted at him, “NO! You can’t call your parents! You are in the middle of an interrogation.

They asked him again and again, “IS THIS A BOMB?”

Ahmed told them, “No, sir. It’s a clock.”

They made him afraid to the point he started feeling as if he was some sort of criminal. He said, “I felt like I was treated as a terrorist.

They made him feel as though he was all the names he had been called.

One reporter asked him to detail what he meant. Ahmed explained, students and

others had made fun of him calling him a “bomb maker” and a “terrorist”.

The teenager also added, “Just because of my race (African) and my religion (Muslim)”. 

When the youth was brought into the room for questioning, one officer leaned back in his chair and said, “That’s who I thought it was…

Young Ahmed softly explained further, “I took this to mean, he was pointing at me for what I am, my race . . .

This young scientist and straight A student - is not going back to Mac Arthur High and quite po

ssibly we may loose this young scientific mind and inventive attitude to some other country. 

Ahmed’s father is not so forgiving of the rough treatment and lack of apologies coming from the authorities and school staff. His dad says, he’s looking for other options, even out side our country.

Now his face, his race, his story, his glory (and his clock) have been exposed to millions, all around the world. Social media at it’s best, some say.

clock bomb face U make

People around the world feel the pain and suffering of a young boy, trying to do good in a competitive society - this already has “red flags” attached to him, just for being African, black (and of course - MUSLIM).

Certainly Texas, the ‘Friendly state’ has a lot to make up for, ever since the Bush family railroaded our country into a war against Islam and anyone: “Who ain’t with us - is against us!” attitude.

The word, “Texas” actually comes from the name of the original Indian tribe “Tejas” (means; FRIENDLY). To be fair, it wasn’t the Tejas Indians who terrified thi

s young boy, was it?

Ahmed was really put through a grueling and horrific ordeal — and NO APOLOGIES. Not from police. Not fro

m the mayor. Not from the principal and Not from anyone at his school.

But, HEY! This is not what Muslims are all about — is it?

We all know, “Everything is from Allah. And Allah will always bring good out of the evil, even the worst of evil”

Though things looked pretty dismal and sad for young Ahmed Mohamed early on in the week, just days later things

took a sudden upswing, when the President called him, “Come on out to the White House and bring your clock.”

But now things have turned around and Ahmed the clock maker is ready to forgive, forget and move on (and maybe — out of Texas), after a visit to the White House to show off his science project and maybe even possible acceptance to MIT.

Hey! Who wouldn’t?

Leaders of Reddit, Twitter and even Google are offering young Ahmed opportunities to exhibit his stuff at science fairs and even internships — MIT asked him to come visit their campus! (HELLO future MIT scientist)

Even Mark Zuckerberg invited him to come out to FaceBook headquarters and posted, “Having the skill and ambition to build something cool should lead to applause, not arrest. The future belongs to people like Ahmed."


There’s still more! Twitter Hashtags: #IStandWithAhmed and #EngineersForAhmed got thousands and thousands of posts and tweets.

Clock A clock

"Still scared! But happy now!"

We have more of the story - as the family opened up a bit more!

Ahmed’s dad, Mohamed, came to the USA from Sudan. He says the reason his son was targeted was due to his skin color and being a Muslim.

The boy has never been in any kind of trouble and his father said:

“My son's name is Mohamed -- people just think "Muslims are terrorists!but we are peaceful, we're not this way.”

His father Mohamed, was also extremely stressed because the school never contacted him, to say his son had been arrested, handcuffed, taken to jail and interrogated like a terrorist suspect.

As soon as police contacted Ahmed’s father he got down to the police station as fast as he could and found his teenage son “handcuffed and surrounded by five policemen”.

Well, how would we feel if this was our child going to school with his science project, then being treated with severe intimidation and brutal badgering over something far beyond his wildest imagination?

That’s not all — Mac Arthur High School showed how they feel about African Muslims coming to their school with clocks — They kicked him out — a school suspension lasting three days. For what?

Embarrassed, frightened and deeply intimidated by all of this, little Ahmed showed the true spirit of a real Muslim at this best. He said it clear and with a good heart, “I was scared at the moment — But now I feel really happy” he continued, “I’m getting all this support from all over the world. And the support isn't just for me but for everyone who has been through this. I will fight for you if you can't stand up for yourself."

Naturally, Ahmed is really excited for a chance to hear from MIT. “I dream to go there!”, he says.

Then there’s the White House invitation from the President. Don’t forget this one!

Ahmed says, “I hope to see him soon!”

Even though the President asked him to bring the clock to let him have a look, he might have to give a Presidential Executive Order to make it happen.


Well, seems the legal authorities in Dallas are holding it for “evidence”. However, with some pressures coming at them, it could be released to Ahmed real soon. Keep making dua for him.

When Ahmed spoke about his future plans, his comment was, “The clock is part of my future”.

Mayor Stands Behind School & Police

Beth Van Duyne, the mayor of Irving, Texas (home to Mac Arthur High School) is 100% with the “Bomb Fear” Theory

Her official statement was, “I do not fault the school or the police for looking into what they saw as a potential threat.” And she said, “They all followed procedures”.

Her previous controversial actions and attitudes toward the Muslim community in her city were right along with her position on this militant type handling of a child who happens to be dark-skinned and Muslim

Remember, she’s the one who supported the resolution to PROHIBIT ISLAMIC LAW . . !

According to Ahmed, when he brought the home-made science project, (a digital clock) to school, he hoped to impress his teachers - but, it was a teacher who got scared and ran to the principal with fears and suppositions.

Even though police  were able to determine quickly - IT WAS NOT A BOMB - But they still continued their investigation and interrogated young Ahmed, without allowing him the right to even call his folks.

They claim this was needed to determine if he brought the device to school with the intention of creating alarm, admits the Irving Police Chief, Larry Boyd.

Keep in mind, it’s also against some of the new laws passed in former Governor George Bush’s state of Texas to even possess a fake bomb or the likeness thereof, if the intention is to make somebody think it’s going to blow up.

Do you wonder about the “Firecracker Laws” in Texas these days? Hmmm.

The young student assured the police there was nothing to worry about. “It’s only a clock", he said.

But this didn’t stop Irving Police from their sworn duty to protect (at least some) folks from terrorism (and Islamic people).

Alleged potential world terrorist” and freshman science student had to be led off, hand cuffed, in full view for all to see — to station headquarters.

tic toc its a clock

(Maybe 'water-board' and torture him to get a full confession out of this "potentially cynical minded extremist")

After exhaustive, expert interrogation by highly trained professionals, the “clock” was finally determined not to be a crucial threat to the lives and well being of Irving, Texas and other citizens. (But they still kept the clock. 

Maybe due to never seeing a digital clock before?)

Irving Police Chief, Larry Boyd told reporters, “Further investigation revealed details — such as making the clock to impress teachers”, leading police to decide against pursuing charges.

Boyd also stated the Irving Police officers, “made the best decision they thought they could make at the time, based on the information they had."

"Of course we will review this," he added. And, "Of course we want to go back and look at this and all the decision points and all the alternatives and make sure we give our officers the best guidance we possibly can, because this won't be the last controversial decision they have to make."

(I bet it's for sure!) Remind me not to wear a watch, or have a deep suntan next time I visit Irving, Texas.

Question: Where do you stand? Are you with Ahmed? And against Islamophobia? (talk to us)

"Do you stand with Ahmed? ~ Against ISLAM-O-PHOBIA?"

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As Allah promised in Quran,Islam will rule the world oneday,The day will come to us Soonly... In Shaa Allah
#1 Farhat 2015-09-18 05:32
It's kind of crazy man . So after all the police didn't even give an apologize of what they have done !!! Allah said in Albaqara Sora " But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is important for you " ... His like might be changed around after this situation , Who knows ?
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