Hajji On A Hover Board? (Tawwaf the EZ Way)

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hajji hoverboard circleHajjis on Hoverboards?

Hajji Makes Tawwaf Around Kabah on "Hoverboard"

Hajji in Makkah gets on hoverboard, goes into Harem and starts going around the Kabah for Tawwaf - ON A HOVERBOARD!

One Hajji (a Muslim in pilgrimage) was filmed doing Tawaf (circling the Kabah) in Makkah's Holy Sanctuary - while riding on a self balancing "Smart Scooter" (nicknamed - hoverboard).

Smart Scooter01But it might not be so "Smart" to use in pilgrimage.

While these new scooters may top the list of "must have", this may not be the best way to get rewards for pilgrimage.

No doubt self balancing scooters may be considered "cool" or the "latest fad", still there is the question of whether or not something like this is acceptable and might even void certain aspects of the pilgrimage.

We have to keep in mind why we do the pilgrimage. It must be for Allah and not mixed with any other purpose.

Showing off, being cool, getting attention from others who are supposed to be engage in worship, might be the thing that would decrease or even cancel any rewards from Allah.

Some scholars have already denied the validity of using such devices, unless there is a physical need making it necessary to use them.

Questions flying around the internet already:

  • "Is this haram?"
  • "Can he do this in Hajj?"
  • "Does it break his tawwaf?"
  • "What about sai between Safa and Marwa - can he do hoverboarding there too?"
  • "Does he loose wudu for this?"
  • "If you're real heavy, can you use one on each foot?"

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 Hajji on Hoverboard2


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#2 Yusuf Estes 2015-09-09 21:45
Bismillah salam alaykum,
This is 2 funny (fun knee)?
#1 EDITOR: 2015-09-08 12:19
EDITOR: Salam alaykum to all.
Some argue whether this is "Halal" or "Haram" or if it cancels the tawwaf or even candles the Hajj.
Scholars have not weighed in on this one yet - but it will be interesting to see what Islamic rulings may be.
Check this one out again tomorrow & SHARE (if you CARE)

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