13 Pakistanis Dead in Hajj

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Pakistanis Die in Hajj
11 Buried in Makkah

2 Buried in Madinah


ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN –  13 maybe more - Hajjis (pilgrims) from Pakistan already counted among the deceased. Of them 3 women are reported among the casualties, in Saudi Arabia, according to officials from the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony in Riyadh.

The official statement issued Monday says the deceased had come to Makkah, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of performing Hajj (Muslim pilgrimage).

Eleven passed away in Makkah while traveling under private arrangements. The other two in Madinah Al-Munawara. The latter were under KSA arrangements.

An amount of 500,000 Pakistani rupees has been appropriated by the Saudi government for each of the deceased's family and heirs.

Abu Akif, Director General of Hajj and Sajid Yousfani, secretary Ministry of Religious Affairs along with Noor Zaman, Joint Secretary visited places where other relatives of those who passed away were staying to offer their sympathies and condolences. 

Letters of condolence were also sent from the Ministry's office to the relatives and heirs of the deceased.

The two deceased in Madinah were buried in the Janah-tul-Baqih (resting place of many companions of the prophet, peace be upon him) and the other eleven were buried in Makkah Mukaram maqtabah.

Please pray for those who pass away in hajj and ask Almighty God Allah to accept from them and place them along with the martyrs of Islam.


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#1 Ahmed Fawaz 2015-09-11 14:22
May Allah grant them jannah, Ameen

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