Fear Drone Planes? Should We?

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Un-manned Drone Planes
Fly Over Nation's Capital
drones in washinton


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by IN contributor - Jamal Omar

Drones Are Overhead - Right Now! Should We Be Concerned?
drone policeWhat Are the Effects?
Police States
The image of societies and nations is being effectively pushed towards police states where drones, surveillance, and technology are all being used to spy on its own people and people abroad. The drone has become the symbol of death and spying around the world. 
Smart Phone Cameras
The same cameras that are inside of our "smart phones" are being utilized by these drones to collect data about its citizens around the globe.
drone misslesAccidents & Human Error
While these cameras are more sophisticated than our cellphones, the abuse of this technology by government entities flies in the face of the morals and values that it tries to promote throughout the world.
The use of drones has actually caused more people to be recruited by extremist ideology. They are seen as the "buzzing" army with which the West has invaded Muslim countries.
drones in washintonMental & Emotional effects
The effect of drones on the psychology of our families is a sense of constant fear.
What if someone makes a mistake, which has happened quite often and innocent people have been killed by someone thousands of miles away?
The more our youth are exposed to these images and negative outcomes of drones, the more that extremist views will be more attractive to them.
Adults have a huge responsibility and duty to protect their children and families from not only extremist ideologies, but also the technology that is being used to create "terrorism" in the first place.
drones deer huntersBusiness --
Some businesses and organizations indicate readiness to begin using drones for deliveries, management, and reconnaissance.
The more that these drones become a part of everyday life the more that fear and apprehension ill become widespread.

drone delivery

Animals --
The effect on animals is already being seen by how animals are reacting to the "humming' of drones and migration patterns a\have started to alter in areas that are utilizing heavy drone traffic.
Environment --
Also it's hard not to notice the detrimental effect that drones are having on the environment, from destruction of villages and homes to change in ecosystems, drones have caused irreversible damage that will only continue to get worst as we utilize this technology.
Military Drones

drone UN

Obviously the mighty military uses these unmanned aircraft to spy, calucalate and hit targets with minimum exposure to personell. This is actually one of the "good things" of pilotless aircraft - Depending on which side of the drone you are on (over or under).
What do you say about DRONES OVER AMERICA?
Say it in our 'comments' [below].

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#7 yusufestesislamic 2017-10-14 22:42
Please leave comments on this important topic, inshallah. :-) :-)
#6 maafi nabila 2015-09-03 13:30
اليست هده بوادر اضهار لجنون العضمة والتملك والتاله على البشر والسيطرة للاقوى على ارض ليست هي فقط الايلة للزوالبل الكون كله والله يقول اعدو لهم مااستطعتم وليس شرطا ان يكون احدث القوةلان الاصرارعلى الايمان والتوكل على الله هو الاصح لدا وجب علينا الموت بكرامة والله معناخير من العيش تحت الذل والهوانو اليهود اسيادنا انا ميت ميت لما لا اموت شهيدا من اجل الاسلام ولا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
#5 Shehab mohamed 2015-08-30 07:54
They have to realize that ISIS fighters as well as the others are not stubid!.. In Fact they are smarter, hard workers than most of these governments.. If you took a step, be sure they took a thousands step..

Their problem is that they think they are the smartest people in the universe!.. got it!?
#4 Bafaqih 2015-08-27 04:48
Drones its good if we use them in good way and some will use them in bad such as internet you can use it for your akhera and u can find jahannam though it. Drone similar as we use dogs also its technology is neema from allah
#3 Aisha 2015-08-26 21:32
I have seen drones here in my city when shooting video of protests, and I follow the local national guard switchover to controlling weaponized drones. I see a few beneficial uses of drones: for wildfire and disaster mmonitoring, search and rescue in rough terrain, environmental conservation and protection, and for photography and video shooting when a photographer wants a unique angle for the shot. Spying and murder are NOT on that list!
#2 Matiyahu 2015-08-26 21:20
I think drones is a bad thing because its not regulated by the FAA, airplanes have had interactions with the drones flying in the air while the airplanes are trying to land, if a drone is caught in the engine of the plane it will destroy the engine of the plane and most likely take down the plane, I also think drones could be used in terrorist attacks because people could place explosive materials on them or even attached a gun on them and have it fired remotely like a real military drone...
#1 Yusuf Estes 2015-08-26 21:16
Please leave comments on this important topic, inshallah.

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