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"What do I say when someone asks me: "Exactly, who is a Muslim?", or if they ask, "Where do Muslims come from?", or "What are Muslims doing around the world?"


Bismillah was salat was salam ala Rasoolullah. Allah 'Alim. In the Name of Allah, and the peace and blessings be upon His messenger, Allah is the All-Knower!

Your questions are good and many of us are asking the same questions right now.

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Truth About
By Yusuf Estes

Everyone is asking about "Muslims" - who they are, where they come from, what they believe and what they are doing around the world.

Some are interested to know why so many people are turning to Islam and how it has become the world's fastest growing religion in the world today, being only second to Christianity.

Good questions. But before we begin, it is necessary to provide some understanding of the meaning of words from the Arabic language so as to better present an accurate picture of what is "ISLAM" and who are the "MUSLIMS." [video about Islam]

According to the Arabic dictionary, the word "Muslim" comes from the word "Islam."

The word "Moslem" is inappropriate in both spelling and meaning, as there is a word in Arabic, "mozlum" which means a "wrongdoer" or "oppressor" and does not come from the same root.

Both "Muslim" and "Islam" come from the same root: "S", "L", "M" (silm) -
meaning; "to submit in peace"; "surrender in obedience"; and this immediately implies a relationship between two entities, one being superior to the other or in charge of matters.

It must be mentioned before going any further, the teachings of Islam are based on the "Recitation of Speech" (Arabic; "Quran") to Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his teachings ("sunnah").

All of the Quran and the sunnah are preserved in authenticated documents known as hadeeth(narrations) both memorized and written down by known companions of Muhammad, peace be upon him, who were eye witnesses to the events concerning his prophethood.

More . .

Muslims literally "submit" to the Will of Almighty Allah (Arabic for "The One God of the universe, and stronger in meaning than "god" in English).

Everything is in the control of Allah and the Muslim is the one who recognizes this and submits himself or herself to the Allah's Will in all matters.

Christians can understand this by looking into the New Testament of the Bible, where Jesus, peace be upon him, instructs his followers to pray the Lord's Prayer with the words, "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

This is clearly the proper attitude for one who is turning to the Creator of everything and asking Him for His Will to prevail in all matters and indicates a willingness to accept whatever Allah may decree.

The difficulties and the pleasures alike would be seen by the true believer in this concept as all eminating from the same source, Allah, and as such the Muslim is at peace with whatever takes place.

The statement, "This too, is from Allah" very well suits a Muslim and should be his goal in all that occurs on a daily basis.

Some Statistics

Calculations according the United Nations put the number of Muslims on earth today between 1.2 billion and 1.5 billion, making Islam the number two religion in the world after Christianity. That would mean about 1 in four people today are Muslim.

The same statistics indicate the number of new Muslims is increasing everyday. This is largely due to people converting to Islam is higher than ever before with Islam being the world's fastest growing religion in the west.

The vast majority of Muslims today are not Arabic, nor do they speak Arabic. Indonesia has the most Muslims with most (over 90%) of all Indonesians being Muslim. Other interesting statistics show over 140 million Muslims in China, 1/3 of India being Muslim, the former Soviet Union, countries such as Azerberjan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan all having over 95% Muslims.


Often people ask where Muslims come from and the answer is clear; everywhere.
Anywhere on earth where you find people believing in the One God and His message to worship Him, alone without partners, and submit to His Commandments of Quran and prophet, peace be upon him, you find Muslims.

Some ask us, "Who can be a Muslim?" - Answer: Anyone
Anywhere on the earth who believes in the One God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad, (peace be upon them all) and is trying to do what the Commandments of Allah has ordered them to do and trying to stay away from the things the Commandments of Allah order them to stay away from, is very much a Muslim, by both definition and intent.

Some will ask, "What about Muslims terrorists?" And of course the answer is simple; "Terrorists ARE NOT MUSLIMS"
"If you are at peace with Allah and doing what He has ordered and staying away from what He has forbidden, how could you be a terrorist?"
This is a misrepresentation of both the meaning of the word, "Muslim" and a gross misrepresentation of what Muslims are all about.


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