Ancient Quran FOUND NOW! 1,400 years old EXACTLY SAME AS TODAY

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Quran 1,400 Yrs. Old
Discovered in Old Book

Quran manuscript folio 1 verso folio 2 recto sm

Experts Confused!

Proves Islam Is True!

ISLAM NEWSROOM NEWS EXTRA! "Ancient Quran Found - 1,400 Years Old"

Ancient Quran Discovery Puzzels Experts

Oldest Quran Copy Found in U.K.

Oldest of Quran manuscripts discovered in U.K. Library (circa. 568 C.E.)

Quran manuscript folio 1 verso folio 2 recto sm
Quran in Hijazi script written on 2 pages of sheep or goat skin

[source: Cadbury Research Library, University of Birmingham]

Experts Amazed Over Ancient Quran Discovery!
1,400 year old manuscript comes from the very time of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, himself!
Ancient Quran carbon dating indicates between 570 and 640 C.E. — Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 and lived until 633 — This is exactly the same time of his life!

“These leaves come from Egypt’s oldest mosque founded in 642 A.D.” notes Maev Kennedy for The Guardian, making it among the “Oldest copies of the Islamic holy book — in the world!”

One theological researcher, David Thomas at University of Birmingham told BBC, “Whoever wrote these words could easily have known Muhammad” and even “listened to his words directly”.

Hidden away since 1920 in a rare book collection at Birmingham’s university, these rare pages have top experts amazed.

“How can this be?” ask researchers at U.K.’s most prestigious university.

— Researchers are confused over some things! Things that can prove what Muslims have been saying for over 1,400 years!

First of all, they needed to know, “Where did this manuscript come from? How come we are only finding it now?”

“Well, it’s a mystery” says one historian. “The exact origin for the manuscript remains a mystery”

However what is known, is the pages arrived at the university in 1920. Carefully placed inside of another manuscript, 100 years ago, all courtesy of a theological scholar named, Alphonse Mingana.

No one had known about these pages tucked away inside the other document until very recently, when Alba Fedeli, a researcher going over the document “.. suddenly saw the script was not in sync with the rest of the pages. Something was wrong, really strange”.

Strange indeed. The pages were written in the Hijazi script, using ink to record parts (chapters 18-10) of Quran on pieces of goat or sheep skin. After verifying the radiocarbon dating to confirm the date of death of the animal, researchers put the date somewhere between 570 and 645 (C.E.). 645 is 22 H. (on Hijri calendar)

Possibly stolen from the national library in France?
Considering the calligraphy, style and date, this could be pages from the same manuscript collection of pages, housed at Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris, according to a statement by Fedeli.

— But top experts are still confused about something — something all of us Muslims already know the answer!
Muslims all know Quran has always been memorized by mouth to ear since these words were spoken by the angel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. His companions memorized it the same way and passed it on to future generations — the same way.
Historically, Muslims have only written or transcribed it to palm leaves, animal skins, parchment, camel hip bones and large stones, from what they heard recited — not the other way around.

When Khalifa ‘Uthman, may Allah have mercy on him, assembled many hufaz (plural of hafiz; memorizers of the Quran), including himself to oversee manuscripts as they wrote it down, they were all keen to be sure what was written matched what they heard every morning and night in the daily prayers.
They only wrote what they heard and memorized from the prophet, peace be upon him. And they wrote it down exactly as they had all heard and memorized of the recitations.

— Then the arguments begin!
Non-Muslims usually try to assert that ‘Uthman himself made up or at least redacted the written materials to come up with an official “standardized version” or an “official finalized version” of Quran.

— But this manuscript is still the same as the ones used today!

Thomas explains in a statement, “Muslims believe that the [Quran] they read today is the same text that was standardized under Uthman and regard it as the exact record of the revelations that were delivered to Muhammad.” This text seems to support that belief.

Naturally other religious scholars are showing their skepticism about all this. After all, how could a document this old still exist and how could it be — well, THE SAME THING?

“What we have here cannot be as genuine as others (researchers) think it is”, says yet another expert. After all, he wonders — just how much the Quran must have changed in the early years of Islam?
“It has to be different, at least some changes — otherwise it is phony. I can’t accept this” — one skeptic says.

“Carbon dating makes this manuscript archaeologically significant — It’s real alright. But still, something as ancient as we have here must have variations from newer ones.”

“It just isn’t possible for it to be that old — because there have to be changes, updates, variations or at least grammatical corrections of some type - Right?”

Yet another theological historian, R. Joseph Hoffmann argues, “You would expect to see some variation in something this ancient version.”

Al Hamdulillah! Allah tells us IN QURAN -- He will preserve it! Allahu Akbar!




#6 Sufia khan 2019-11-19 13:19
But all the copies were burned by our Caliph, so how it came now and also from other place rather than Makka and Madina?
#5 A Wahyu H 2016-12-19 03:28
Allaah please keep me in your straight path... It's really hard to live today.

EDITOR: Salam alaykum. Hard times - means BIG REWARDS, for those who are patient and continue to worship Allah on His Terms.
May Allah make it easy for all of us to stay in touch with our deen, ameen.
#4 Sani Islam 2016-11-02 10:46
Allah Akbar!
EDITOR: AlHamdulillah!
#3 Titugne 2016-08-02 17:41
If they can put all the pieces together about dinosaurs, why is it hard for the carbon copy to prove the authenticity of the Quran? Whether one likes it or not Allah with his might and power will always preserve the Qur'an! Well, we cannot help those to whom Allah sealed the hearts, eyes, and ears so that they will not believe. Oh! Allah make our hearts firm on Your religion. Ameen
#2 Riccardo Williams 2015-11-24 20:32
Allah keeps His Word. Man can dispute all he wants but that will not change the "FACT" that this is true and real. Carbon dating does not lie and neither does Allah. Quran is real because Allah through QURAN changed my life
Allahu Akbar
#1 dawood 2015-11-24 09:06
thank you brother. you are great. lets share the truth

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