Catholic Priest Goes to Islam?

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What's the Attraction?


A Catholic Priest was asked, "Why do so many priests and preachers go to Islam? Especially with all of the media lies about Islam be violent, killing people, beating wives and terrorism?"

(Good question - right?)

NOTE: Look how he tried to answer the question - But he did not admit THE ONE BIGGEST REASON - "The church is full of lies and liars" - says ex-bishop friend and convert to islam.

Surprisingly enough the priest did write a lot of very positive reasons for people to accept Allah's Deen - Islam.

There are so many websites with ex-Christians, ex-priests and even ex-bishops who have gone to islam.
His story is referred to here along with a call to enter Islam at the end. We hope he reads it - ALL OF IT & we hope Allah guides him too, ameen.

This priest who wrote about this says - Here's the story (read)...

Priest Explains Islam?

Catholic Priest Tells - “Why So Many Priests Enter Islam”

With such tiles, there are so many Islamic website where you will find those ex-Christians or priests turned to Islam. I personally had email discoursed with many of these converted Muslims who are mostly from USA. For example visit Www. Islam tomorrow.Com read a testimony of a priest became Muslims and what caused him.

For most Christians, this question is rather disturbing, but for the sake of argument, try to think of any areas that you might consider which could possibly induce you to become a Muslim? Meanwhile I would like to share my opinions regarding the attraction of Islam within a social context. It is important, because it is this area which most of those who have converted to Islam point to as their primary reason for converting.

“A number of the individuals felt that Islamic Social laws are comprehensive; that they are a complete guide to life, and consequently, that they brought about orderly living. They pointed to the fact that people need boundaries by which to live by, especially in Western societies, which emphasize catering to special interest groups, while leaving out the needs of the majority. Islam, they felt was the only religion, which was giving them these boundaries to live by”

Here I would like to list a few reasons that motivated Christians to become a Muslim. (A well-known Christian apologetics did survey in US brings out some interesting points) Here are following,

Social Issues:

·    Some expressed this idea were African-American, all of whom lived in inner-city areas of some of the largest urban centers in America. They saw first-hand the anarchy going on all around them, and they justifiably felt that Islam was the only religion which could stand up to the deprivation and violence, as well as the rampant racism found in America today

·    Some Christians came in contact of Islam in prison, where they had been reformed by “Muslim brothers” who came weekly for the Jumma prayers and Qur’anic classes. Now that they were “on the outside,” they believed that the disciplined lifestyle, espoused by Islamic law, was the sole reason which kept them from going “back in.” They were appreciative of the local masjids role in driving out drug dealers from their inner-city neighborhoods, and the ongoing campaigns to keep children off the streets and out of gangs.

·    Another attraction was Islam’s lack of a priesthood. Islam has no medial agents. One will not find a “pope” or even a set of cardinals within Islam. As a result, the believer, they felt, is not dependent on someone else for his relationship to God, and therefore, can go directly to Allah.

·    Women who felt that Islam gave them, as women, added fulfillment, for instance, permitting them to own property, while at the same time offering them the best protection from an outside hostile world. While this may surprise some of us, the perception by most Muslims with whom I talked was that, “We take care of our women better than do the Christians.”

·    David Lamb, the Los Angeles reporter, who wrote the bestselling book The Africans, while living and travelling for four years in Africa echoes this point. He states that one of the best comparisons between a Christian and Muslim country in Africa was the safety of the streets within the larger cities.
He felt that he would never let his wife walk alone at night, and sometimes even during the day in most of the larger African Christian cities.
Yet, he had no fear of permitting his wife to wander freely within any of the larger African Muslim cities.

·    Senegal, a country of 7 million, of which 92% of the population claimed to be Muslim, don’t recall of ever having to fear for the safety of our women.
Not once were they ever “cat-called,” and in the entire time there, we remember hearing of only one rape in our town of 350,000 individuals.
On this point alone, Islam has proved to far excel Christianity with its care and discipline towards women.

So how should we Christians respond to these views? It sounds that Islam is a dynamic religion, which can bring an impact on the world and apparently appealing to those coming in contact to Islam. In addition, there is no doubt Islam is making an impact in the West today.

“It is claimed that there are 20,000 English converts to Islam at the moment, and that this number is increasing daily by 3-5 converts.

 However, does really Islam has anything to offer or bring any impact on this world?

Can Islam really meet the social needs of people better than does Christianity?


A Priest's ResponseRoman Catholic:

Even in India, met heard many rational and intellectual Catholic priests and catholic girls married with Muslim and turned to Islam.
Very recent chat with an elderly woman of US who became Muslim comes from a Roman Catholic Church. Through my coversation and chat with them I observed following:

1.   They do not have personal study and understanding of the Bible but their understanding and conviction based on the study materials of radical and critics of the Bible.

2.   They have no understanding of “Priesthood of all believers;” They saw only hierarchy of priests in their own church.

Yes, there are some testimonies of protestant who became Muslims.
I remember long back, a Missionary from U.S. was sent to Kashmir.
In his deep contextualized ministry among Muslims, he himself was convinced that teaching of Muhammad is right and there is no necessary of the bible teaching. He left the field, no idea of his present situation.

 Why does it happens? Well, we can say Christians have:
1. No faith in the Inspiration of the bible
2. No clear understanding of the Christian doctrine.
3. No deep conviction of his own salvation.
4. No conviction rooted in death and resurrection of Jesus.

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O.K. Time for us to step in and help our poor priest friend find the answers to the questions may pastors and preachers are asking themselves about so many Christian conversions to Islam.

Read  Origin of Catholic Church & Women in Islam -

Some converts pointed to women’s issues as their primary attraction to Islam, they are better protected. (Extracted from the note of a Christian Apologetic)

* Currently 17 Muslim countries have only 10 to 20 percent of women who need to be in the work force. Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have the least number of women who are unemployed and need to work.
    Because men in Islam must support their women from their wealth to pay all bills. But Muslim men are not allowed to even touch women’s wealth.

* 7 Muslim countries have the best record for girls not being forced by coed standards to wear compromising clothing, share close up space with boys.

Islam offers more privacy and the segregation by separation especially during years of puberty and sexual development.

Many education systems in the West have tried to copy some of this type of separation over the last few decades.

* Inheritance is another advantage in Islam that is misrepresented by some.

While on the surface it may seem less for women, as they receive 1/3 from inheritance while sons receive 1/2.

Now the beauty comes to light as soon as she reflects on the Islamic rule - Men must spend on the women, by law.

* Women are never required to spend from their wealth on the men.

Basically, he has to spend his inheritance, while she gets to keep all of hers.

* There is little need for the women to leave the protection, security and comfort of her home.

Beside not being forced to compete in the work force, a woman does not even have to fight the market place for daily needs about the home.

Men are obligated to do shopping, run errands and pay all the bills.

Women can choose whether or not they want to bother with these mundane and difficult tasks.

* Home life in the ideal Muslim home also offers opportunities never considered in the west. Men are encouraged to wash - a lot.

They must wash themselves many times a day. Washing is necessary after sleeping, after using the toilet (even more than food workers in a restaurant), after intercourse and for daily prayers.

But washing for men doesn’t stop there. Washing his own clothes, especially his under garments as well as washing dishes is also considered part of a Muslim man’s daily help around the house.

Speaking of kitchen chores, Muslim men well known for preparing menus, shopping for food and serving the guests themselves.

A Muslim lady is not ever expected to serve male guests and is always held in high status and dignity, much the same as a queen in her own palace.

* Divorce is yet another area where the western mentality has to whip up a twisted story to cover a very beautiful lesson from the Muslim faith.

While divorce is highly discouraged in the Muslim family, it is not forbidden as it is in Christianity. The Bible does not permit divorce, except in the case of infidelity and even then most churches prefer “Forgive and forget” over, “Leave the cheater and move on with your life”.

There are many references throughout the Quran and teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him, encouraging husband and wife to work hard together and be patient to build for the future of the family.

Yet there are also verses and teachings showing both husband and wife what to do when there are unreconcilable differences.

Even then, Islam provides amicable ways to divorce and continue to work things out for the sake of the families and children, with emphasis on forgiving and moving on with life.

Women are protected from divorce by an angry Muslim husband. According to Dr. Phil of TV fame, nearly all divorces are declared in a state of anger.

Muslim men are not permitted to get legally divorced from their wives while in a state of anger. There must be time to reconcile. Not one time, but three times before a divorce is done properly in Islam.

Women do not need to even declare divorce in the same manner as the husband. She is encouraged to talk it over with her side of the family and then if things cannot be worked out, she can make one trip to the local mosque and take care of the whole matter on the spot at once.

In the event of divorce, the Muslim man is forced by Islam to continue full provision and support of his children. This gives freedom to the woman to move on with her life unencumbered with having to financially support and maintain provisions for the household.

More about Islam’s Women

Health: Body, Mind & Spirit




Peace - Islam: A Peaceful Religion - THE PEACE YOU HAVE WITH YOUR CREATOR!

For all the talk about violence, terrorism and aggression in the Muslim world, it should be immediately noted Islam, Quran and Muhammad, peace be upon him, are not the problem, but rather the solution to the problem.

Much of what we see is brought on by non-Muslim agendas, greed and lust - all clearly forbidden by Islam.

Poverty, hunger and starvation don’t exist in places where people follow the laws of zakat (mandatory charity) and sadaqah (voluntary charity taught in Islam). Historical evidence quickly demonstrates the success and prosperity existing for Muslims and their neighbors in times and places where these teachings have been followed.

Wars and rumors of wars, chaos, terrorism and violence are not a result of Islamic teachings, rather the opposite.

Tyrannical rulers who govern by severe force, harsh oppression and injustice are mentioned in Quran and Muhammad’s teachings (peace be upon him), as people destined for failure in this life and in the Hereafter.

Islam inculcates by way God’s Commandments the call for everyone to be responsible for themselves and their families and instill in others the desire for a successful society that provides a sense of moral, emotional and spiritual peace.

Allah immediately offers all of us the direct, simple and successful solution to all our problems, whether around the house or around the world.
Allah says in the Quran (the meaning to English), “Allah does not change the condition of the people, until the people change themselves.”

If we want to see others treat us in a better way - we have to change the way we treat others.
If we want to see a change in what we receive - we have to make changes in the way we give.
If we want to change for the better - we have to act better.

Where there is pain and suffering - Islam brings relief and joy!
Where there is hunger and poverty - Islam brings nourishment and wealth!
Where there is disease and death - Islam brings cures and medicine!
Where there is ignorance - Islam brings intelligence, education and knowledge!
Where there is doubt, darkness and depression - Islam brings certainty, light and expression!

Make dua (pray) for all humans to seek after truth and justice (and peace).

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True, in the fath al qorib it's even explained that woman can demand compensation for doing house chores.
A sheikh in my district really embraces this aspect as wife's right that he doesn't like his wife to lay a hand on dirty laundries nor working too much on house chores.

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