Answer Harsh Questions on Islam!

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Answer Attacks on Islam

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Answer Harsh Questions 02

by Yusuf Estes

@1999 Islam

Bismillah Rahman Raheem ~

Attacks against Islam, Quran, Allah and prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, are not new at all. This has been going on even during the time of revelation of Quran. So we should know this will continue as long as there are people who don't or won't accept the truth.

But where to begin? How do we start? What is the best way?

Before we answer any questions, we must first remember to be courteous, kind and respectful at all times.
Keep in mind we are not here for "The Big Debate".

Here is an example of some of the best answers and in the best ways:

  1. Thank you for asking me about my faith.
    As Muslims we cannot lie about anything, especially about our religion.
  2. We have original recorded sources of our religion: The Quran & Teachings of Muhammad.
    This is a very unique part of Islam, not available in any other ancient religions.
  3. Sometimes "questions" contain misinformation.
    We must qualify what it is that someone is saying against what they are implying.
  4. If you find the answer to your question makes you say, "I didn't know that" or "This is good" are you ready to worship your God and your Lord without and partners?
    This what Islam is really all about. The most important subject is the worship of Almighty God, without any partners or associates or "gods" besides Almighty God.
  5. In light of the above, the approach to understanding in Islam must be based on as much factual knowledge as one can obtain.
    This in mind, we now consider your inquiries as to the position of Islam on the following subject of "Islam Code" and offer our website on this topic:
  6. There is one more point -
    We don't rely on dreams, hunches and feelings to determine what the real religion of God is, nor do we accept someone to be a moderator or intercessor for us to communicate with God for us.
    This of course, would rule out the notion of having a "Holy Ghost" or spirit of any kind telling us what God wants from us.

Any good is from Allah the mistakes were from myself. May Allah guide all of us to His Truth, ameen.We have used this formula for years and see many people being guided by Allah right in front of our eyes, again and again.
Al Hamdulillah. It is all up to Allah and we ask Him to guide us and all the people, ameen.

Salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes
National Muslim Chaplain - retired

Yusuf Estes offers a way for Muslims to answer questions.
He helps us appreciate Islamic Perspectives and Teachings.
All based on the Quran and Hadeeth in the Arabic language.

These sites were designed to help our Christian brothers and sisters gain authentic knowledge of both Christian and Muslim teachings to be able to make more accurate comparisons between their respective texts.
Other topics of interest can be researched at:
Bible Jesus 3  and
Bible Jesus 2

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#2 Afifa Marium 2015-04-11 04:34
What if we have a non-Muslim colleague with us n we don't give him Dawa of Islam? Will we be questioned on the day of judgment for this?
#1 Ambassador to ISLAM 2015-04-09 07:10
I would like so much to talk to Non-Muslim women & argue them in ISLAM issues.
happy to begin anytime to spread ISLAM everywhere.

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