Aussie Girl Meets Muslims (video fixed)

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Girl Learns Islam
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In Night Club?

ISLAM UPDATE Thursday March 19, 2015 [video link replaced - try it now]
- Aussie Girl Meets Muslim in Club & Accepts Islam

Proof - Allah can guide anyone, anywhere on earth with the heavenly message of "Worship One God", even in the worst of places.

Girl bartender became friends with a Muslim in a night club.

He introduces her to a Muslim friend who tries to tell her about Islam.

She doesn't want to hear about it, but he keeps talking until she agrees to at least read something.

She reads Quran meets other Muslims - changes her mind - And Allah Guided her!

Now she's a Muslim girl, wears hijab, gives her story about coming to Islam - and loves being a Muslim.

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She Loves Islam and Muslims

She cries with joy abut her new found faith.

Talks about parents, mom and dad - how they reacted and how long it took for them to accept her as a Muslimah.

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I wish to meet you once sister Ihave a lote to teel you

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