Bible Says 'ALLAH' in Arabic

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Bible says ALLAH
Allah in Bible night stand motel
~ says Yusuf Estes

Arabic Translations Say ALLAH

ISLAM NEWSROOM - UPDATE January 23, 2015 Friday ~ Yusuf Estes Finds "Allah" in New Testament Bible (Gideon Publication found in hotels)

Yusuf Estes travels the world searching and sharing the message of "Worship the One God of Israel", claiming God's name is "Allah".

Yusuf Estes enters IslamEstes is a former music minister and businessman from Texas who has come to Islam whle claiming he found things in Quran and Islam to verify many things he believed while being a Christian.

[see "Why Did Yusuf Estes Enter Islam"]

Some religious leaders spoke out against Estes and his claims, saying there is no way the Arabic God of Muslims could be in the New Testament Bible.

bible hotel drawerThey also speak heavily against his attempts to bring Christians and Muslims closerly together for discussions on Biblical commentary.

Many say they prefer either open debates on their terms or simply avoid and contact with the "those Mozlems".

Estes says [quote] "I found the word 'Allah' in Arabic in the Gideon Bible that is in almost all hotels and motels around the planet today". [unquote]

Examples found in the free Bibles place by the Gideon Society offer translations into 26 languages, the second being Arabic.

See for yourself and decide [comments welcome and encouraged]
Here's the word 'Allah' in Arabic caligraphy script:
Bible says Allah in Arabic Bismillah.fw

The page (below) is from the index pages of the Holy Bible published and

placed in hotels, motels and institutions everywhere by the Gideon Society:

Bible translates John 3 16 red.fw

[look closely to the Arabic Bible's translation of the word "God" in John 3:16
"For God so loved the world . . ."

Bible Allah John 3 16 plain2.fw
4th Word is "Allah" in Arabic

Here's the part of the page offering translation from English to the Arabic language:
Bible translate God to Allah
John 3:16 (English) - "For GOD so loved the world . . ."

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[Speak out now and let the world know your opinion]

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Salam alaykum
I was amazed by this information

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