"Cartoons" Charlie Hebo Sells 14 Million copies

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Makes Millions on
Cartoons of Prophet
Charlie Hebo_mag_1

ISLAM NEWSROOM DATELINE - January 23, 2015 Friday

Charlie Hebo Magazine has already sold 14,000,000 copies of their magazine - with cartoons of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Sales are going crazy at the check out counters! People are buying on E-Bay investing in possible increase in value.

People standing in line for hours hoping to get their own copy of the world's most famous magazine of the time.

Prophet Muhammad being shown in cartoons at the highest level in history!

Terrorists murder artists, destroy relations with non-Muslims and help promote the very thing they claim to hate!


Charlie Hebo_mag_1
Cartoons of Prophet Now Selling Like Crazy
(what rhymes with ignorant, stupid - idiots?)


Question: Who benefits from these terrorist attacks? Who looks like the good guys to the world? Who makes the money? Who really sees Islam in a better light?


No benefit to Muslims. No help to the image of Muslims. No help the millions of poor, orphans and refugees desparately needing help in countries around the world.

Question: How long before Muslims world-wide realize all of this is anti-dawah, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam?

Answer: Not until Muslims learn the true message of real Islam - rather than accept or make up things about Islam that are NOT TRUE.

Question: Who is to blame?

Answer: Every Muslim on this planet today must share in the blame, at least to some extent.

WHY? - Because all of us fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Evil promoters of these evil, wrong attitudes and actions
  2. Thrill seekers without care for themselves or others
  3. Ignorant perpetrators of the crimes against Islam
  4. Careless parents who don't monitor youth's online experience
  5. Misguided youth who think they are doing something good
  6. Teachers and preachers afraid to say the real facts to their students
  7. Callers to Islam Who Don't Deal Correctly with Real Issues

Questiosn: What are solutions?

Answer: First and foremost for all Muslims everywhere to take time to study and learn what Islam (Quran and teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him) really teach regarding Muslims who live in a time or place such as exists today.
Establish criteria for teachers, preachers, imams and presenters of Islam on all levels prior to accepting information or teachings.


#3 mubi 2015-03-03 04:10
#2 Reeaz 2015-01-25 11:14
I think that the Charlie Hebdo attack was only done to boost up sales and no more.
#1 Abdul 2015-01-18 19:09
the influential Muslim leaders who are in power from around the globe can speak out,yet nothing. but remember one thing, the disbelievers plot, and Allah also plans, and he is indeed the best of planners. the deen will flourish, due to their advertisement more people will be interested in Islam, bi-ith-nillah.


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