Ahmed Deedat TRASHED on YouTUBE ~ Yusuf Estes Replies

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Ahmed Deedat
Trashed on YouTube
Yusuf Estes Replies

ISLAM NEWSROOM - DATELINE - Sunday January 22, 2015 Thursday

Insulting comments left on YouTube (social media video website) really upset Muslims.
Yusuf Estes replied to insults and fabrications against Deedat.

Sheikh Yusuf Estes replies (posted on YouTube)

Salam (peace) Misty, You are wrong in what you said about Ahmed Deedat, may Allah have Mercy on him.

You should know about a person before you speak like that and try to make up things about him. You have too much wrong, really.

I visited his home in South Africa. I know people he helped there. I met many who came to Islam by his hand.

He was beaten to the ground by ignorant Muslims just for giving Quran translations to non-Muslims, he never took revenge.

He was verbally attacked by an arrogant imam who wanted to beat him in debates, he would not debate him.

He worked day and night and traveled around the world, giving away free books and literature, he never asked for a cent.

Yes, he had a stroke. It left him totally paralyzed - except for his eyes. For almost ten years - until he died, he never complained to anyone.

His son Yusuf, (same name as me) - devised a way to communicate with his dad by blinking his eyes. He never complained. He only gave inspiring and encouraging messages to all.

I was witness to his last communication, a video made just before his death - We watched his eyes as his son interpreted his message of congratulations and praise to us all, along with Dr. Zakir Naik (another amazing person who never responds to personal insults).

Ahmed Deedat was a true and dedicated worker for a message of peace, justice and worship to One God, to the rulers of his country a people without justice (apartheid).

Nelson Mandela read one of those Qurans while he was in prison. After being released he publicly stated his support for the real Muslims.

Ahmed Deedat lived his life for his beliefs, his family, his friends, his countrymen and carried that message around the world.

May Allah bless him and forgive any mistakes, ameen.

You could only wish to come close to this man on the Day of Judgment. (I'm sorry for this long message - but it makes me cry to see such things as this)


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#5 Miraji Galemgbe Lemi 2015-02-22 10:26
May make same from his family to the same as he did and May Allah grant him jannah and more wisdom in his work
#4 Abderrahim LAARIF 2015-01-23 15:27
Peace be upon you brothers,

May Allah the Almighty reward you greatly for your work in Da'wah.

We love you Yusuf Estes, Ahmed Deedat, Badawi, Naik, Green, Yee, Philips......an d all others.

Be steadfast... Keep working and learn to the youth ! We will never stop !

Abderrahim from Morocco
#3 Shaikh Mohammad Hasn 2015-01-23 10:42
May Allah grant him jannah, I have great admiration for him. A truly great muslim & my hero.
#2 mufti Abbas 2015-01-22 13:40
Shek Yusuf Estes wallahi I love you for the sake of Allah for purifying the pure generous gentle men not considering a competitive attitude of zeal. I ask Allah to preserve you in complete protection both here and in the Akhira & to reward you with jannah
#1 Abdul 2015-01-22 10:01
they just insult/abusive/ hatred etc without knowing a damn thing. people like that are the ones who's causing mischief in the land, yet they think not.

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