Youth Conference: "1 GOD" New York & New Jersey

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Yusuf Estes & Guide US TV
Youth Conference

2 Days Only
FRI. Astoria, NY
SAT. Patterson, NJ.

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ISLAM NEWSROOM - UPDATE: Youth Conference THE ONLY GOD New York Fri.  Masjid Al Iman on Steinway & ICPC in Patterson, New Jersey Sat. 17

Yusuf Estes & Friends New York & New Jersey
  Youth Conference "The ONLY GOD"
What Our Youth Need to Know

Details -

The ONLY GOD copy

Friday 16 Masjid Al Iman on Steinway, NY (after Esha)
Saturday 17 in ICPC Patterson, New Jersey (after Esha)

Basic Problems Solved

How can our children handle problems at school about bad things in the news about Muslims?

What's the best way to help our kids with mixed up ideas about themselves and Islam?

When is it time to talk about adult things like sex and marriage?

Who should handle disipline with kids, and how?

What to tell our children about terrorism and radical Muslims?

Why does God let these things happen to Muslims?

Can we talk honestly with our children about Quran, if we don't know Arabic?
Get basic Arabic for Quran:

How can we disprove these false images and misunderstandings?

What can we say when even some Muslims promote skewed and twisted presentations?

How to deal with Muslims promoting ignorant, misguided notions, inherited traditions or warped cultures?

Learn to_Listen

LEARN to LISTEN ~ We know it is the duty of every Muslim man or Muslim woman to learn and share the proper teachings of real Islam within their own family, neighborhood and community to the very best of their ability.

But how with all these misconceptions, doubts and confusion?

Here's a FREE SAMPLE -
Islam basics, beliefs, duties and comparisons to other faiths:  [also available on DVD]

KISS keep_it_super_simple

K.I.S.S. ~ "Keep It Super Simple"

Keep their attention! Islam is easy!
Simple is sweeter. Short is better.
Talk to kids in ways they like and understand - fast.

Solutions Come in CANS

- with Yusuf Estes

SOLUTIONS Come in "CANs" - You "CAN" and Your Children "CAN" too!
How to help our kids in everyday situations & problems.
How to deal with school issues.
Find solutions for attacks against Islam.
Learn better wasy to use YouTube & Facebook with our Safety System
Two Things NEVER to say to children (or wives)

Bonus: This story makes kids love their parents

Example: Child says "Teacher told me science says we came from monkeys"
"Doctors use pig's hearts in medicine because pigs are closer to us than monkeys":

Example 2: Christian says to your child, Jesus died for their sins:
"Muslims must love Jesus and believe his miracle birth, son of Mary. He did many miracles like other prophets did. Then God raised him up and will send him back in the Last Days to bring peace in the world.
Here's a link for more about this:


Let's be like our prophet, peace be upon him, in our talking, writing or posting. Humble, kind, soft and simple words. Even those who attack us may listen to our call to peace, surrender and love with Almighty god.

Harsh, ugly words or nasty sarcasm only brings more hatred against Muslims and Islam.

Debate Brings_Da_Hate

Dialog - Not Debate: Let's show we care when we share. Ask for peaceful talks in quiet places to bring people closer to the truth.
Give each child time to talk, think and share. Let them express their feelings and concerns about problems they have.
Listen closely and ask for help from others if you are not sure the best way to handle a problem.

Issues: God, beliefs, Jesus, women, wives, slavery, jihad, shari'ah, salat and fasting.
Find answers quick on

And get more answers from our scholars in live programs on and www.GuideUS.TV

Sheik Google

Research: Get the information you need quickly and easily from our thousands of videos, articles and references on and

Share _if_you_Care

How to get help online - Even the most shy brother or sister can easily post a question or leave a message for our scholars on our new website:

What about kids on Facebook? YouTube? Chatrooms? Texting? Emails?
Finally, get the right answers from scholars who live here in today's world.

Share your ideas, stories and questions in our newsroom and post your important events & updates - in the comments section under articles you share with others.

Publish your comments - that get read first!

Viral Video Secrets

Learn how to help your child to upload good Islamic videos people can enjoy and find help in Islam - on 

We put the very first video for Islam ON YOUTUBE - in 2004!
Today we have videos with millions of hits! Find out the reasons and how you can be a part of it.

Take a look at this - OVER 1/2 MILLION HITS! OVER 360,000 HITS!

We want Muslim children to enjoy - IN SAFETY
Our video site for Islam makes it easy for EVERYBODY!

Converts _Reverts

New to Islam? Know someone who's just entered Islam or is really close?
Their children also need help along the way. We have to start one step at a time to make sure they grow in Islam - (Not GO FROM ISLAM)

Take time to hear wht new Muslims say after entering Islam.

These videos are their own personal stories online:

We want our youth to join us for the GOD CONFERENCE Part 2
Hurry, register now & get front row seats -
FREE (deadline Thursday January 15)
Call 1-800-651 4814 (Ask for call back about the free registration)

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