GOD CONFERENCE UPDATE: Jummah in Bronx! Fri Nite Flushing! Sat. Brooklyn! Sun. Astoria Sun Nite Patterson NJ

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Dar Al Taqwa - Flushing, NY
Jummah & Esha

Yusuf Estes & Guide US TV
Starts in New York THIS FRIDAY
Fri. Jummah - Bronx
Fri. Night - Dar Al Taqwa, Flushing
Sat. (all day) - Brooklyn Islamic Center, NY
Sun. (morning) Astoria, NY
Sun. (night) - Patterson, NJ
Next week in New Jersey with Yusuf Estes & Guide US TV

ISLAM NEWSROOM - Update Wednesday January 7, 2015

Yusuf Estes says - Plans are confirmed with all mosques in New York & Patterson, NJ (may Allah reward them all.

Call or visit your mosque today and find out more about this.

Top scholars and teachers of Islam and Quran have been invited, already several are ready to come as soon as dates and times are confirmed, inshallah.

Talk to your own teachers, imams and scholars - ask them to join THE GOD CONFERENCE on Guide US TV (call 1-800-651-4814 now or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

According to interview with Estes, the plans are to invite top scholars and teachers of Islam for a tour of events in the New York and New Jersey area starting next week end, inshallah.

Here's a brief over view of the conference:

Why Do We Need A

    • Serious Problems in Society Today:
    • Gambling, Cheating, Bribery, Corruption
    • Teen Sex, Abortions, Incest & Adultry
    • Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol & Pornography
    • Abuse, Rape, Murder, Suicide

We are all concerned about these problems - And we all want to know  ~ "Where is God during all of this?"

Many of Christians, Jews, Muslims question their own belief, faith and concepts of "GOD".

Confusion, frustration and anxiety even amongst the believers causes strife, grief and many are beginning to have doubts about belief in God.

0 spot_whiteOur own children, teens and young adults walking away?
Turning their backs on belief in God altogether?
Leaving faith completely behind in total disbelief?

Many ask, "How to increase the iman (faith)" or "How can I get closer to Allah?
" or "What can I do to feel more secure in this life and about the Next Life?"

Where To Have The
Wherever the People Are!

Take the knowledge to the people - That's right. As Yusuf Estes says, "We have an expression in Texas, 'Get the hay down where the goats can eat it' - We have to take this right into the people's homes if possibled."

Guide US TV will broadcast cast the entire events - All LIVE - On Air and even have LIVE Call-Ins from folks at home.

Who Will Do The

Guide US TV team along with Share Islam, Yusuf Estes and well-known scholars are preparing an immediate tour for East Coast (New York, New Jersey & North Eastern Pennsylvania) for the next 2 weeks.

For details and bookings - ask your local masjid imam or managers to secure bookings at ISLAMEVENTS.com

let's get answers to some very basic questions ~ Who? Where? What? How? Why? -

These are the real questions we all want answers to ~ ABOUT GOD!

We asked scholars, teachers and presenters to put together information and answers to our questions - Then present it in conference format now - and they did.

What Can We Learn at the
Here Are Some Programs

~ Feature Program #1 ~
"Why Bad Things Happen to Good People"
Feature Program #2 ~
"How to Reach Our Youth"
Feature Program #3 ~
"Evolution - Creation or Both?"
Feature Program #4 ~
"How to Live Amongst the Problems"
Feature Program  #5
"The Problem Media Has with Believers"

Topics to be covered:

God Conference Topics 01

~ Bonus Programs  ~
"Little Sheik" for kids
"Muslim Puppets" & more

If your mosque, school or organization wants more information on how to bring this conference to your area, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call 800 651 4814 (NOW)

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