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NASA Outer Inner Space 01
NASA Space Images

Why did God Allah Create everything?
(good question - look to these images and remember your Lord)

Allah Says, in His Last Testament (Quran) to all mankind:

Your Guardian Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and earth in six 'yaum' (periods of time), then established Himself over His 'Arsh' (Throne of Authority). [7:54]
NASA Carina Nebula 1
He Created the sun, moon and stars, governed by His Command. Is it not His to create and to govern? Blessed be Allah, The Cherisher and The Sustainer of the worlds. [7:54]
NASA Black Hole Outburst Galaxy M83
And the firmament, Allah constructed with power and skill and verily, Allah is expanding it.
And He it is Who has created the heavens and the earth in six Days and His Throne was on the water, that He might try you, which of you is the best in deeds. But if you were to say to them: "You shall indeed be raised up after death," those who disbelieve would be sure to say, "This is nothing but obvious magic."
[Noble Quran 11:7]
NASA Carina Nebula 2
Allah has created all we call the universe as a test for us. This is not our final destination. What we might consider to be "bad" or "good" could actually be quite the opposite.
NASA Carina Nebula 3
Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He has the Ability to do all things. He who has created death and life, so He may test you which of you is best in deed. And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving - Who has created the seven heavens one above another, you can see no fault in the creations of the Most Beneficent.
Then look again: "Can you see any rifts?"
Then look again and yet again, your sight will return to you in a state of humiliation and worn out.
[Noble Quran 67:1-4]
NASA Horse Head Nebula
We forget, as we were created to forget. And this is a part of our test. Will we only use a selective memory and overlook what we owe to our Creator and Sustainer? Or will we be appreciative even when we are suffering some hardship or setback in this life?
Then Allah makes clear to us the real reasoning behind all that is taking place:
NASA Small Magellanic Cloud
The Day Allah will role up the heavens like a scroll for books, even as He produced the first creation, so shall He produce a new one - a promise He has undertdaken - Truly He shall fulfill it. [21:104]
altNASA Stephans Quintet
Allah has created us and given us so much, yet we are so careless concerning His Right to be worshipped exclusively and deny the Day of Judgment wherein we will all be asked concerning His Generosity.
altNASA Sun Erupted Solar Flares
Amazing, isn't it? The Creation of Allah - Yet, do we reflect?
Here are two more views (1 from earth & 1 of earth from space) and some verses from Quran to make us think:
O man! What has made you careless concerning your Lord, the Most Generous? - Who created you, fashioned you perfectly, and gave you due proportion; In whatever form He willed, He put you together.
Nay! But you deny the Recompense (reward for good deeds and punishment for evil deeds).
[Noble Quran 82:6-9]
Universe from Earth 01
LOOK! Here's a view of the universe from earth - -
And I did not Create the jinn and humans except they should worship Me. [Noble Quran 51:56]
NASA earth view from Saturns Rings
Look Again! There we are - on earth.
A view of earth - from NASA space probe, near one of the rings of Saturn - One tiny speck in the universe - that's really all of us.
Are we thankful?
He created us for the purpose of worshiping Him, Alone and without any partners.

And how will we view our condition and surroundings? And how will we treat others around us? Are we considerate of others and are we quick to blame or quick to forgive?
All of these things are a part of our test, the things we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment.

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