Jesus AND Muhammad & Ayesha's AGE at Marriage? (proof)

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Ayesha's Age

At Marriage?

Was It 9, 12, 17? 


It's a LOVE Story!

QUESTION: "How old was Ayesha when she got married to Muhammad?" (Keep reading . . )

ANSWER: Bismillah, AlHamdulillah - was salat was salam ala Rasoolullah. Thank you for the great question. Here, at last, we have the evidence and proof - from Ayesha herself - telling us there was nothing wrong at all with her decision to marry prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, at her age when she chose to marry him!

Read this great and wonderful story (a true love story) . .

Ayesha was offered in marriage by her father and mother to the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, at the ages of 6 and 9 (according to her own statements).

But is that all? There's more, so much more. Read . .

She did not marry until she was old enough for marriage - and it was her own father who offered her in marriage to the prophet peace be upon him.

He accepted his best friend's offer of marriage to his daughter and they did not marry until she was an adult.
(again, this is all according to her own statements)

Why is this then, such a dominating question for those speaking out against Islam?

What is the benefit to bring up something quite natural and completely within the norms of society, as though there was something very evil and unnatural about it?

What kind of minds would stoop to such a level?

Who is really behind this?

That's the real question, isn't it?

Excellent reply to videos, blogs & hateful emails from folks promoting these desperate attempts to gain recognition.

We know it is best to ignore these people and their hatred.

However this 'Islamophobia' is growing and causing misunderstandings even with our Muslim children.

This video clears up all of those 'misconceptions' in less than 8 minutes.

*** ALSO NOTE: According to Islam, Mary did not marry Joseph (or anyone else for that matter)

That view of marriage to Joseph was supposed by later Christian sects that even mention Joseph as the "father" of Jesus (see: Luke 3:23).


But even so, the age difference was considered normal for that time by the Catholic Church ***

Video Presents Answers to Harsh Insults & Incorrect Criticisms of Muhammad (p) and Islam in simple English, all based on historically accurate texts.

1) Ayeha's Real Marriage to Muhammad, peace be upon him ***

Ayesha and_Muhammad_LOVE_Story

2) Truth about multiple wives in Bible & Quran

3) Penalty for adultery (requires a lot more evidence than just a simple blood test or DNA lab report)

4) Jihad the mortal combat against tyrants and warmongers

5) Last words of Muhammad, peace be upon him, the best of men to walk the earth.

True believers are prepared to defend, even to the death the rights and limits established for all human beings by Allah, in Quran and Muhammad, peace be upon him, and have been doing so for the last 14 centuries.

This is not a new scenario, not a new approach from liars and deceivers who desire only to cause chaos and calamity instead of peace and harmony.

Shame on them and those who promote their evil ways. We are taught by Islam, to forgive and pray for them - MAY ALLAH GUIDE THEM, AND US ALL, AMEEN.

About these people, God Almighty has revealed in His LAST TESTAMENT to all mankind, "They desire to put out God's Light with their mouths, But God will perfect His Light, even though the disbelievers hate it."
Quran 61, verse 8.

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#1 Bahookee 2019-09-11 19:20
As for Mary in Hebrew Tradition Betrothal was always before Marriage- So the Husband would get his house in order to bring his bride into his home. Mary when the angel GABRIEL appeared (Luke 1) to Mary who was in her own home. The name of the home of her father would be named IF MARY was a MINOR! Then Mary TRAVELLED on her own to Elizabeth STAYING THERE to BE WITH ELIZABETH-A Child DOESN'T DO THAT!!!

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