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Stay On Air in America

Now, more than even, we need our voice in Ameirca. Our own channel 24 hours a day - We need the real truth - About the real news!

Gaza, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan & around the world - News about wars, bombs, terrorists - Stories of hunger, fear, death & destruction. It's in all the news!

Guide us tv Islam Newsroom 01But where is the real news? - Where's the truth? - Where's The News We Need - When We Need It - In Simple English?

GUIDE US TV has been on the air all across America, United States & Canada for 3 1/2 years - Many people came to Islam (Al Hamdulillah). Many Muslims learned their true religion of peace, love & tolerance. (Allahu Akbar)
But where's the newsroom, where's the anchor man, the reporters? The equipment to report real news, weather, sports, local Islamic activities!

Where are the supporters?

Who stands with us and gives a few dollars to help GUIDE US TV stay on the air?

Who gets the rewards with Allah for His channel in US to grow to a complete news and information channel for American Muslims?

guideus tv supportWho gets rewards for helping the true message of real Islam come to our own people?

Who gives some portion of their charity for Allah's cause - before it's too late?

Who will do the right thing? - The thing that will make the difference between a small Quran & dawah channel and a complete television complex for ISLAM in every home - for FREE?

NOTICE: Guide US TV Does NOT accept advertizing, commercials or paid subscriptions
Let's keep it pure and clean for all people of all faiths for all times.

Will you help keep it that way?

Use PayPal, credit card, money order or check - Do It Now

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#2 A.S.M Riham 2014-09-27 14:09
Dear Sir,

I need Islamic news from dawah websites.
#1 Yusuf Estes 2014-07-24 17:33
Salam alaykum,
You can join us and get the rewards for our dawah on 2,500 websites, chatrooms, Smart phone APPS, satellite & antenna TV in America!
Just click the links (above) for ONE TIME or MONTHLY donations.

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