July 4 - Yusuf Estes Gave Shahadah to Buddhist Girl in Qatar

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Buddhist Girl
Enters Islam

Doha, Qatar -- Saturday July 4, 2014 -- Yusuf Estes Just Gave Shahadah to Buddhist Lady

Buddhist Lady to Islam -- in Ramadhan

Her name is Osha. She was a Buddhist from Asia. Yusuf Estes just gave her Shahadah.
Amazing in the month of Ramadan - a young Buddhist girl came to Islam tonight. Al Hamdulillah.

Osha, who may change her name to Ayesha, says she has always believed God is One and testified as follows:
"I swear, there is only One God to worship. I swear Muhammad is His messenger and I swear Jesus is His messenger"

Imagine her eagerness and excitement as she almost cried with joy while saying these most precious words.
Sheikh Yusuf explained three basic and simple steps to Osha, and within 30 minutes she came back and recited the kalimah of "Laa elaha illallah, Muhammad-an Rasoolullah".

Osha says she has been in Qatar for more that 10 months now. But she confessed, nobody told her anything about Allah, Islam, Quran or Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Sheikh Yusuf said, "I was amazed at how quickly she accepted the concept of Allah being only One and without any partners. But then my friend with us told me, 'Sheikh, she is not a Christian - She's a Buddhist'.

I could see then how much easier it is for a person to enter Islam who already knows about God as One, but no influence of Trinity or son-of-god. Astaghfirullah (Allah forgive us).

Immediately after shahadah she asks for more information about the rest of Islam. She even brought back pen and paper to get as much info as she could on her new religion.

She wants to stay in touch. Here's some of our websites and emails he gave her:

www.ChatIslam.com (Talk [LIVE] with real teachers & scholars of Islam Usually monitored around the clock)
www.GuideUS.TV (Free APP for her iPhone)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Pray for her to continue on her new journey to Allah, ameen.

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#1 cupcake 2014-07-10 08:33
hope she's prepare for whatever comes her way. just hang in there. be sure to surround ur self with good & practicing muslims. would be better if u can move to place where there a greater number of muslims.
happy ramadan to sister osha.

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