Ramadan Starts June (day? click & see)

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ramadan starts when mommyAND ENDS?

Everyone is asking - "When does Ramadan begin?" And "When does Ramadan end?"

Let's get something straight right from the beginning. Our prophet, peace be upon him, told us exactly how to calculate the beginning and the end of this most wonderful month.

Some scholars have understood these teachings in a way to help us know how to deal with the so-called hi-tech world we live in today.

Let's see how to find out what works best for us in the areas where we might be on the planet, inshallah.

But first - Let's do a bit of homework and find out the basics. Shall we?

Ramadan (Arabic - رمضان) is the ninth month of the the Hijri calendar and the month fasting, Mercy and Compassion.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the 5 (five) pillars of Islam.

  This beautiful of month of fasting is spent by Muslims by abstaining from food, drink and marital relations in the daylight hours before Fajr (sunrise) and until Maghrib (sunset). Additionally we must also avoid confrontations such as arguing, fighting, cussing and staying away from forbidden things completely like smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling or oppressing anyone (more emphasis due to loosing your fast by doing so). This is in the whole entire month.

The Quran was sent down to earth on the night of Layla tul Qadr (Night of Power) in the month of Ramadan. And this is a great time for recitation and listening to the Quran.

In hadith (narrations from the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him), we learn the gates of Jennah (Paradise) would be open all the month and the gates of Jahanum (Hell Fire) would be closed.

The first day of the next month, Shawwal, is spent in celebration of Eid ul Fitr (celebration of fast breaking).

Because the moon sighting is so critical for many Muslims - we do not forcast the exact night.

ANSWER - When does Ramadan START?
The FIRST day of the month of Ramadan! (LOL)

But seriously, Ramadan begins at night when the moon is sighted and then the Taraweeh salat (night prayers after Esha) begins.
Fasting begins the very next day.

Here are some estimates for 2016 C.E. and 1435 Hijri (Muslim calendar):

6 June?
5 July?
2017 1438 27 May 24 June
Ramadan dates for 2016 and 2017 are ONLY estimates

More of when to start and end Ramadan?
www.RamadanReminders.com  & www.FastRamadan.comFast Ramadan site image 


#4 AbdulAziz 2014-06-26 02:57
Assalamu alaikum! JazakAllah dear Sheikh Yusuf. May Allah Most High protect you and grant you with His Jannat ul Firdaus!
I am in Colorado, Idaho Springs where no muslims live. Can i be able to have the fasting hours in this website, InshaAllah?
#3 abderrahim 2014-06-14 14:20
Salamo alaykum and ramadan mubarak.

Dear brothers and sisters in islam, this is a big opportunity for us to get closer to Allah and be saved from the hell fire (may Allah protect us) by multiplying our good deeds in this sacred month(recite the quran, make taraweeh, give charity ...etc) and substain from the bad deeds.

Salamo alaykoum
#2 yasmina 2014-06-13 06:01
salam alikom brother yusuf
Iam a moslim from algeria.please I need your prayer doaaaa im in a big "fetna"
Im unmarried woman wearing hijab of course but I fell into a fitna "i fell in love"these few days before ramadan.I feel far from ALLAH.PLEASE DON't FORGET US IN YOUR DOAA
#1 Yusuf Estes 2014-06-10 15:14
Ramadan Mubarak & Salam alaykum to all the believers.
We do not guarantee what night or day the events of Ramadan or Hajj are going to start.
We leave this for the imams and for the scholars.
We do have something very wonderful for you to enjoy and share: www.FastRamadan.com

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